History Of Existence And Simple Knowledge Everybody Should Know About Agriculture

as been in existence for a very longtime precisely from the beginning. The basics, and concept behind AGRICULTURE; is farming (Production of FOOD): The simple practice of Domesticating the fauna and flora, subjecting the animals under human control, care and supervision .It involves putting into consideration some basic factors like
and most especially a conducive environment. It also gives more concentration to Planting of crops which varies from Breeds to species, Family and class (I wouldn’t want to go deep into this as I want to make this friendly and a lay-man language), farming as been the major primary practice in Agriculture and this as developed into a comprehensive and elaborate activity of human race up to date.


Scholars as taking much time of commitment and thorough research to crack much about the origin and the early existence of Agriculture
Days back we were made to understand (through the theory of wanderers and early men) that some set of people who are hunters and scavengers’ they travels to various surface of the earth and are not seemingly specific they journey through lots of area and places of different atmospheric condition, in order to meet up with their feeding demands they hunt animals in forest and eat fruits basically, they also gather food together and it all goes up this way as this is more or less their way of life.

As they continue their journey and daily routine of hunting animals, getting edible fruits in the wild; they realize the Seeds of the fruit they ate longtime ago as developed into growing plants, shrubs and now developing just like the parent plants. Also whenever they hunt animals, often they kill the matured and keep the young ones with them in so doing they try to tame and develop the new young themselves as a result of this, the concept of Domestication set in. After a prolong time of observing this they tend to start cultivating lands and keeping animals, the advantage derived form this practice is that they find it easier to get food available around them rather than hunting as they use to do before.
Many years later farming as gain a good ground and as most wild Animals of those days are now getting used to been domesticated by man. Planting of crops and rearing of animal became the sole activity in

NOTE: AGRICULTURE MAJOR CONCERN IS PRODUCTION OF FOOD even though this has been divided into various aspect with so many areas involve.
AGRICULTURE has develop across the world and it has gone from what it used to be before, to what it is now, as it contribute to 90% of the world employment and occupation. However, the develop as been more advance in some parts of the world than the rest. But Agriculture still remains what it used to be and production of FOOD as never ceased

FARMING as taken our world to another level and with the help of technology, research, development has been recorded so far.
Here are few, out of the numerous benefits agriculture as offered us

FOOD PRODUCTION: Am sure everyone reading this article as eating today well, this as been made possible through the help of AGRICULTURE.

EMPLOYMENT/ JOB CREATION: Agriculture as made it possible for us to be occupied with our own profession, jobs, career for those who are into any agro-based jobs, agric businesses, youth as found it as an avenue to create employment for themselves. We have so many commercial industries around us some are into production of beverages, processed food, restaurants, and lots  more which as been create employment opportunities for the world.

PRODUCTION OF FIBER AND CLOTHING: Cloth as been made available to us through the help of agriculture, so many industries across the world are into processing raw materials like fiber into well design cloths which we are putting on today all this as been made possible through the help of agriculture.

FARMING: This remains the profession with the higher number of people who are fully into it across the world as the production of FOOD is the major importance of agriculture, we have farmers who are into monoculture (planting of only one type of crop), Large scale farming (plantation agriculture), Animal husbandry and farming (which extend to production of milk “Diary farming”, production of egg by poultry birds, Meat production in Beef cattle and other edible farm animal).

RAW MATERIAL: Agriculture is the major source of Industrial raw materials which includes;
 pulp for paper industry,
fiber for clothing industry,
 fruits and vegetable for beverage industry,
Raw materials for building industry,

MEDICINAL AND HEALTH BENEFITS: Agriculture as made it possible for pharmacy and research institutes to develop various drugs, vaccines, and cure to illness, diseases as most herbal medicines are gotten from some tree plants. Some fruit plants are naturally medicinal.

The benefits of Agriculture can not be over emphasize but with the little above I believe you agree agriculture is inevitable in the well being of human and life, always know the major importance of Agriculture is FOOD and whichever area in Agriculture you find yourself always use it to enhance the production of food as this is very importance for sustaining life, health and a ever-green community.
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