Milk is a well known creamy white beverage that is gotten from diary
animals which includes; cattle, pig, goat and sheep obviously its
paramount source is basically from diary cattles especially in this
part of the world the reason is siply because the animal produce so
much beyond what the baby needs. Am sure we were all berought up with
milk but today i wanna talk mre on the health benefits of this amazing
drink. Milk as been considered "NATURE'S WELLNESS DRINK" simply
because there are numerous benefits derive from taking milk there
following are some of the great benefits and reasons why you should
keep on drinking milk daily:

* Cold creamy white milk is full of CALCIUM which helps
to improve bone density, meaning a less likelihood of stress fractures
and lower risk of osteoporosis. * MILK generally is a good
source of quality vitamin ''D'' which helps to absorb calcium and
supply the body with appropriate vitamin nutrients needed.

* Milk can also drastically reduce PMS symptoms (Pre-Menstrual
Syndrome) as it is a great stress reliever and also boosts the energy
level in us. * Milk is a good source of
quality animal protein that helps in building the body system both in
young and old.

* Those that drink
milk often tends to have stronger bones, healthier overall diet
"Brizillain studies shows that mothers who drink milk are more healthy
and likely to have daughters who drink milk"
* Milk is made up of 90% of water hence it contribute
to daily hydration.

* If you happens to be a lactose tolerant don'ty let go milk in your diet and meals.

* Cold creamy milk can be taken after a long day out of sunny activities to refresh the body and soul it result to a cooling system and helps the brain to function properly.

* Drining milk always helps in building a effective, active and attrcative teeth and dental system in the body, do you desire to have a strong and healthy teeth? the increase your intake of milk.

* Do you ever imagine how much milk is beneficial; the amazing answer is that no amount of is categorically stated "Brizillian recomends aiming at three ( 8 ounce) glass a day "

* Milk contain both nutritious and highly needed body vitamins (vitamin D, A, B12,) and some mineral nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron.

Obviously everybody takes milk but at various rates but with this article am sure you would see the reason why you should increase your milk intake for a better healthy body system.
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