Orange Fruit, 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Orange

is a fruit crop which belongs to the citrus family.
The fruit
of ORANGE called BERRY is succulent, fleshy and juicy and it is rich
in vitamins and minerals.

Oranges are the largest citrus crop in the
*.Brazil produces more oranges than any other country.

*.Navel Oranges are named after the belly button shape near the bottom!
*.About 25 billion oranges are grown each year in America.

*.In the 18th Century British sailors took sauerkraut and citrus
fruits on the ships to prevent scurvy.

*.Florida produces about 70 percent of the total U.S. crop, and 90
percent of its production goes to make juice.

*.In Queen Victoria’s day, oranges were given as Christmas gifts in England.
*.Did you know that the color orange came from the orange fruit?

*.Two most common varieties of oranges are Navel and Valencia oranges.

*.Orange is the world’s third favorite flavor after chocolate and

Orange as varieties and they includes;


2. Sour orange - citrus aurantium
3. Lime - citrus aurantifolia.
4. Lemon - citrus limon.
5. Tangerine - citrus reticulata.
6. Grape fruit - citrus paradisi.
7. Shaddock (pomelo) - citrus grandis
8. King orange - citrus nobilis.

Its a known fact that oranges are everyone's choice when it comes to fruit nobody hates
orange apart from the normal refreshing and exciting feeling of
drinking raw orange or orange fruits there are more health benefits
associated with orage and they includes:

1. Orange helps fight
against cancer because they are rich in citrus limonoids.

2. Orange
drinks help in reducing the level of cholesterol fat in the body hence
reducing the relative body weight.

3. Taking orange often can help
prevent kidney diseases.

4. Orange contains potassium electrolyte
minerals that helps the heart functions well.

5. When you drink orange
it helps build your body immune system hence, fight against diseases
to give you a better health.

6. Orange has abundant polyphonols that
fight against viral infection in the body.

7. Oranges helps
regulate and aid digestion and as such they fight against

8. Orange contains vitamin A, (carotenoid compound) that
enhances good sight if you desire a good sight and proper eyes take

9. Orange contains flavonoid hesperidin that helps in
regulating high blood pressure in th body system.

10. Orange is full
of BETA - CAROTENE a vital compound that protect skin. 11. As earlier
said orange is a good fruit that enhances digestion due to the
presence of dietary fibre.

Many of us normally throw out the
peels when it comes to oranges-whether we’re making fresh orange
juice, snacking on whole oranges or making a yummy citrus salsa. But
this is one big mistake as many of the highly nutritious compounds of
oranges are found in the peels! Rub orange peel on your teeth for
natural cost-free teeth whitening.

Long ago, people treasured
orange peels for their natural healing properties. The ingredients
extracted from orange peels were used as medicine to cure various
digestive disorders including indigestion. The rich dietary fiber
helps regulate bowel movement, thereby soothing the digestive system.
Please ensure you purchase pesticides-free, organically grown oranges
if you’re planning to consume orange peels.

Many oranges today are grown chemically using
pesticides or insecticides to thwart insects and other pests. These
chemicals penetrate deep into the peels and are NOT good for you.

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