Dangote groups plans to invest 300million dollars in Rice production to make Nigeria "Self-sufficienT"

  Like the common saying "good things come to those who wait" its time
for a great change in the Agricultural sector of Nigeria as the
AFRICA'S richest man Aliko Dangote plans to invest $300m in Nigerian
rice production as part of an ambitious plan to make the country
self-sufficient and stop the current trend of spending large sums of
foreign exchange on importation.  Nigeria is currently the world's
largest rice importer, spending about N365bn (£1.37bn) annually to
import 2.1m tonnes of mills rice, which economists have described as
an unnecessary drain on foreign reserves. Numerous government attempts
to revive local production to stem the trend has failed, as output has
failed to match demand.  This great develop will amount new inventory
and developmental growth in the agricultural sector and the country
economy at large.
     Alhaji Dangote said:
“If I dreamt five years ago that I would invest in agriculture, I will
write it off as bad dream or nightmare but today, we’re investing
$2.3bn in agriculture, $2bn in sugar and $300m in rice. In Nigeria, we
have one of the most attractive investment policies through a
framework that the government has put in place to help businesses
succeed.”  he made mention of some of the future progress this
investment plan will brought along to the world at the recently
concluded world economic forum (WEF) in Davos switzerland, he
emphasize on the rapid growth in food production level  wish will take
place after the plans as been executed as Nigerians consume Rice
mostly than any other kind of food.  It is also on course to make
Nigeria self-sufficient in sugar under the national sugar master plan
that involved building several refineries.
Dangote Sugar, a subsidiary of the group, is working towards producing
1m tonnes of white sugar by 2015, cultivating 100,000 hectares of
farmland in Sokoto, Kebbi, Jigawa, Taraba, Kogi and Kwara States.
raw sugarcane will them be crushed as Dangote's refineries to produce
white sugar.

With the rice programme, the Dangote Group hopes that its investment
would make Nigeria self-sufficient and end imports over the next few
years. Also, as part of its agricultural programme, the Dangote Group
is investing in fertilizer plant to enable farmers increase
Its a good news to rice farmers and those who are
intending to kick start the business in Nigeria, this is what we have
fore you this week on AGRICNEWS stay tuned to Green healthy farm
always do share the goodnews with your friends.
source : Gotoinformations


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