Lists of lucrative agricultural business to start up and make Profits

Agric Business

Agricultural business as taken a new look and the emerge of this great
natural life occupation is moving at a Jet-speed in Nigeria,
doubtlessly agriculture is one of the greatest business model anyone
can venture into both on part-time bases and full time.  
 There are various sectors of agriculture and farming you can invest into
and stop the job-seeking lifestyle! 
Be self-employed and empowered! Be
your own boss!
 Be at full control of what happens in your farming
business, enjoy the best of business connections and earn foreign
 There are so much many opportunities in agriculture! Here
are some of the agriculture and farming business you can consider for
2014 and be self employed;
  1. POULTRY FARMING: This is one of the
most lucrative and common business in animal production which involves
the raising, hatching and breeding  of farm birds, it encompass
production layers bird that produces egg *consumable and for and
hatchery, raising of broilers, cockerel, guinea fowl, turkey,   quail
birds, goose and duck. Major products gotten from poultry includes -
Meat, egg, bone, blood, manure, feather. Poultry farming is one of the
highly recommended and lucrative business in agriculture with a
promising future in the industry.   
2. FISH FARMING: unlike the normal
fish farming cultures - poor man biz, this business as turned out to
be an exceptional great stuff in the industry in fact, currently in
  Nigeria we now have so many research institute and academic
institutions basically focusing on fish farming. It involves the
raising and breeding of juvenile and fingerlings (Newly hatched fish)
under a scientifically controlled conditions in enclosed bodies of
water such as ponds, streams, rivers, whereby they feed, grow, breed
and are harvested for consumption or sale. Fish farming is one of the
best agricultural investment, N0TE: it requires some level of
expertise to succeed you can employ the service of an expert. 
: i don't know if its possible for people to stop eating rice

i doubt it. Nigeria is still the highest importer of rice due to our
massive population and this as made it one of the best farming
business in the industry with a good growth and a promising future i
want to believe if we have more of rice farmers in Nigeria we will
stop the importation, focus more on commercial production level,
industrial growth and empowerment. If you're interested in investing
into agriculture you can give this a trial and am sure you'd be glad.
4. SNAIL FARMING: This is still a fresh fragile and newly growing
business in the Nigeria agricultural sector but its constant growth as
really been amazing so many people are venturing into snail farming
due to its low start up capital, and high yield and returns snail are
easy animals less demanding  and have huge marketing tendency as many
eateries, hotels and big restaurants are constantly demanding for it,
snail farmers have been successfully earning a foreign exchange in
Nigeria you can invest in snairy it as a promising future.
Cassava farming as grown real big within a short period

of time, and with the land system we have in Nigeria we have been able
to make it into the world market as Nigeria remains the largest
cassava producing country, it rapid growth can be traced to its
numerous uses both industrially, agriculturally, scientifically and
even economically as cassava is one of the best income revenue in the
agricultural sector, looking at the population and marketing demand
there is  a need for more cassava farmers because it as a consistent

How to start a successful agricultural farming business - See more at:
6. BEEF AND DIARY CATTLE PRODUCTION: This is a very popular
business and occupation in the northern side with a good growth,
production, market and more rewarding. It take some times of
establishment actually as its never  a GET RICH QUICK business it
takes some years of massive investment in other to succeed. One of the
reasons why beef and diary cattle production  have been able to make a
great business in agriculture is due to constant increasing population
with more market demand for milk and meat, which are the major
products from cattle some other by-products includes: Bone, blood,
hide and skin, fats, horn, dung and lots more. 
  7. PIG FARMING : Pig
farming as  made his way in the agricultural business model with high
recognition in the industry as a result of its prolific capacity both
in the production level and in the market system, pig produce a lot of
piglet within a short period of 3months 3weeks and 3days making a
all round year production system possible it as gained good market value
and demand both at the   national and international we've many
commercial pig farms in Lagos st, ogun and other parts of the country
with large farm establishment and a huge investment i personally
  recommend you give this business a trial with good passion, good
knowledge and you'd be glad.

HONEY-BEE FARMING : The practice of keeping bee for farming and
extract of honey as made this business grown beyond measure, the
recognition and utility of honey in terms of health as made honey a
hotcake in the market with a consistent demand and sales potential,
most farmers in the south-west have understand the concept and are
silently chopping the money in this business venture, another perculiar
quality about bee production is that it requires less  start up
capital and you can always start at small scale and grow it big with

GRASS-CUTTER FARMING:  Grasscutter Farmers are the one who
knows how lucrative this business can be in the next five years, the
production of grasscutter in a confine environment as just started and
it as been spreading widely due to its level of ready market,
customers and consumers most people have choosed to eat grasscutter
meat due to its low fat content and most of times its recommended for
patients in the hospital, inshort, the demand of this very business is
more far from the supply and as such we need more grasscutter farmers
if you're looking for which farm business that is profitable you can
start a grasscutter farm and profit from it.

Just like cattle production, sheep and goat production is very common
in the northern part of Nigeria and in the rain forest zone. Its a
global agricultural business venture as sheep production would never
be forgotten in the history of California USA, this is one of the
business that as boost their economic growth especially though sheep
shearing and selling of wool, the merino breed are quality sheep that
produces huge amount of wool and they grow them faster meaning while
you have your sheep alive you can shear(cut their wool) them and sell
their wool for industrial and commercial purposes  there are many
opportunities surrounding sheep and goat farming, but they are o
unveiled when you venture into them! The require low start up capital
and produce off springs within a short period of time there is also a
consistent market value and demand for goat and sheep even at the
foreign market. Potentials in agriculture can never be compare with
any other business sector of the economy, since agriculture is always
interested in providing food for the nation this continually makes
marketing value available, consistent customers are waiting to buy
your products, you're self employed and you're capable of taking your
business to any length you wish invest in agriculture today and secure
the future generation. If you have more business to add to the list
please make use of the comment box        .
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