Major farm birds you can consider in a poultry farm business

Poultry refers to group of birds reared and domesticated for food and
other purposes.  
Most times when people refer to a poultry farm its
obvious they only consider chicken (fowls) but the name POULTRY is
actually a collective name for various farm birds that is been
domesticated for various purposes, actually chicken as been one of
these birds that is so common and majority are seriously making
successin their farming business mainly in Poultry (specializing in
chicken production) nevertheless, there are some other farm birds that
are  ben domesticated and even raised in commercial farms and with so
many potentials business-wise, and most importantly health wise i will
be listing some of those birds you can consider in a poultry farm; 
Chicken this is a common home bird domesticated far and wide in
various parts of the world it is very popular among other birds its
most time reared for egg production and meat (referred to as chicken
meat) its the same bird you kill always during christmas celebration
and new year. 
The chicken birds that produce egg are the LAYERS and
the ones that produced meat and often raised for fattening are the
 One of the reasons why chicken is so rampant is their high
survival rate they can survive adverse weather condition and thats why
they are evenly distributed all over the world.
This is another special but not so common bird they are mostly found in the
savannah and rain forest,  they lives in the bush naturally but with
the development, research and advancement in technology they are now
domesticated at home and raised in highly commercial farms for meat,
egg, feather and lots more. One special feature about Guinea fowl is
that they lay incredibly high number of eggs, and for this reasons
they are mostly kept and raised for egg purpose.  
 3. G00SE
 There birds
are wonderful in terms of their beauty and aesthetic value, they love
to swim in water bodies and for that reason they are raised in
environment with good water bodies like oceans, seas and others. 
One importantly value about goose his that they lay many eggs, have a huge
body weight they grow fast and fat,  have high rate of converting
grass to meat. 
4.  TURKEY:  
 These great birds are highly distributed in
the northern america and asia, they are local consume as meat in
turkey, china, mezico and some notable countries in africa. They are
big birds even bigger than goose they are mostly kept for meat ,fat,
and egg purpose. They are one of the bird that is always considered
for commercial poultry farm.
  5 QUAIL :

These birds are so  unique and
they are just coming up in ther commercial farming industry as their
importance are been unveiled as a result of consistent research
 They are reared majorly for their egg purpose as their egg
as high quality nutritional and numerous health benefit which we shall
discuss together on this farm in the nearest future. 
They are quality
bird with huge market value in terms of their egg production. 
6. DUCK:
These home birds are almost looking like goose they are very friendly
and are been domesticated in home together with chicken they have huge
body body weight and thus they are raised primarily for meat purpose
they lay relativel low egg but their survival rate is high, they are
good for commercial and small poultry farm business that is based on
meat production. 
You can raise any of these birds in a poultry farm
based on your preimary motive in the business.
In our future post we will be discusing how you can start a comercisl poultry farm.


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