Four Major Reasons You Should Start Your Own Poultry Farm Business

Poultry farming business is one of the booming business currently in
the world, this same hot-cake business as been attracting so many
external investors in Nigeria and he rest part of Africa
you don't have to be an external investor or a billionaire before you
venture into poultry business. One of the advantages is that you can
start it on a small scale and here we will be discussing major reasons
why you should start your own poultry farm business now.

 1. FOOD PRODUCTION: Poultry farming which involves raising of farm business
primary for production of food for man as indeed contributed in a
  big time to our meal as a nutritious protein supplement to our
  carbohydrate foods.
 Poultry product which majorly are eggs and meat
production have been widely eaten in every part of the world and even
more demand are raising up everyday for this product, knowing this
give up an assurance of a ready market for poultry business. 
2. INCREASE POPULATION: The world population is increasing at  a
geometric rate and more child are born everyday the population is
getting high currently in Nigeria we have about 
150million plus people
as at the last census conducted few years ago which perhaps it likely
we have grown over 500 million if not more than that currently now,
knowing this amazing level of population increase will automatically
result to an increase beyond measures for the demand of food,
poultry still remains the highest source of animal poultry, in fact in
Nigeria we have been unable to produce food (meat and egg) from
poultry that as been sufficient or capable of meeting up with the huge
population thus, we need more poultry farmers in order to be able to
stop importation of poultry products and still be able to meet the
need of food in terms of poultry product supply this is another major
reason why we should invest in poultry and encourage more people to do
the same. 
Due to the population the former president in Nigeria also
embark on a project called Operation feed the nation"  as  part of the
plan he said every family should have a farm, to follow this line of
order poultry farming still remain the most flexible and easy farming
occupation you can engage in and still have enough time for your
business and still meet up with your family demand for food or make
money with your poultry business. 
3. Health-wise: the experts in human
health have come to realize the great benefits of white-meat to human
health and they have encourage people to eat white meat (poultry meat
"Chicken" is a typical example of a white meat) with so many health
benefits, knowing this will automatically make a lot of people to
change their taste of meat and consider chicken as a better and more
healthier choice. 
This will automatically increase the demand for
chicken thus, we call for more poultry farmers and investors to
consider poultry farming the benefits are endless and the
opportunities are limitless.


Looking critically at poultry farming business which bis considered
one of the most lucrative agricultural business anyone can start up
with a low capital investment, 
it is capable of employing you or
transforming you into an enterprenuer who will start employing others
into the business as well. Instead of looking for the non-existing Job
as a graduate, you can take up poultry business from a small
investment thing and grow it big with time.
 In fact, in today Nigeria i know some students who run poultry farming on a part-time basis and
others in full time and make a lot of money from it, already employing
themselves and developing a good time business and money management
skill as a young enterprenuer. 
In case you are looking for a lucrative
business to start up with or  you are still looking for al those
non-existing white collar Jobs i advice you stop wasting your time and
start poultry farming today, you never can tell how much you wil be
and people that will start working under you after you might have be
your own boss as well in Poultry the ready market is sure and the
future opportunity is numerous.
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