How to market, process, package and sell your poultry products in Nigeria

Starting a lucrative agricultural business like Poultry farming is
indeed a good step forward. 
After you might have spend a lot of time
taking good care of your birds, feeding them, regular medications,
good housing system and even more, all this would have make them grow
big to an appreciable weight and reach a quality market value.
 The major reasons why you would spend so much money and time on a poultry
farm of "let say 1000birds" is to sell them off and make money (both
your investment and profit).
Like we have discussed earlier in our
series, poultry is a huge investment and it requires time and effort
in order to profit from it, however after you must have grown your
farm into a marketable size, then you should be thinking of how to
sell, for those who are into Broiler production (meat) this is one of
the most important aspect of the business as you are supplying some
set of people on organization at a fixed time, 
on the other side if
you are into Layers (egg producers) when the birds start laying, what
comes next to your mind is getting customers and interested people to
buy your product (egg). 
Selling off your product is never  a difficult
task in poultry as we've earlier discussed about the massive
population density, and how you can leverage your business on this
platform we have over 150million people in Nigeria and thus, 
there is
a huge demand for meat and egg as a perfect animal protein for our
carbohydrate meals.
 I will list some organizations that do buy
poultry products so that when next you want to sell your birds or egg
all you have to do is consult them and negotiate about your business;

   * . Commercial eateries and restaurants:
 this is one big thing that you shouldn't remove. 
They are one of the highest buyers of most
poultry products especially meat. 
If you really want to sell out your
poultry products you can walk up to eateries like 
Mr biggs,
 chicken chillies,
and the rest of them, one amazing thing about this
  organization is that they don't have enough supply of poultry products
they always demand for more, 
i remember the first time i walked into
Ostrich eatery in the city of Ilorin 
kwara state,
 i was to negotiate with the manager that i would love to supply them eggs for the next
3months, he told me 
"we need a constant supply of eggs all year round,
we need supply for 12months " 
so i felt this is a great deal, you can
also walk up to some of those factories to get attention of those who
are interested in your products. 
*. You can process your poultry meat
directly with an abattoir and export them thus, you will earn foreign
exchange from your business 
*we promise in the nearest future on this
Blog we'd be sharing how to you can export your farm product and selll
them internationally* 
so you can also sell them at a good price in
countries aside from Nigeria and make good money.   
*. Base on your
choice and with the level of business system we run in Nigeria,
can sell off your products in  local markets or recognized marketing
and sales centers for farmers, pro to the time you want to start
selling you can inform people around you, since we have huge
population, the last time i raised broilers 'in fact i sold them off in
my neighborhood without taking a step to the market or any out stead,
that is the power of information majority of people around me are
interested in buying the birds *for consumption*  so all i did was to
inform them when i was ready. 
Inform people around you. everybody  in
today world wants to add protein to their meal either egg or meat,
especially egg is so marketable for those who are into layers
production you can sell your eggs locally, you can sell them in the
market, you can as well sell them to industries like Paint companies -
that makes use of egg as raw material.
 You can also discuss with most
of this commercial eateries, restaurants, hotels and more, build a
network with them, have an agreement and if the price is okay by you
am sure you will have less worries.
There are many other ways by which
you can sell off your poultry products,  both in Nigeria and outside
the country we have  only choose to discuss on this few. 
That's the power and level of  potential that you can unleash to yourself and
your business in farming and agriculture generally.
 Everyday people
eat so we can't do without agriculture and that is why our government
lay more emphasis on "Food security" and one of the best way you can
plan your part right in this development scheme and be empowered -
employed is through poultry farm business and investment in
Do you have more to add to this course please make  use
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