Poultry series: feed and feeding management in poultry farming system

Feed and feeding is another essential aspect in poultry system and
Feeding in poultry takes majority of the expenses as you
just have to keep supplying the birds with enough feeds regularly to
keep them active and growing regularly the way they ought to.
Also if you must achieve the level of success you desire in your poultry
business, you must take the feeding aspect very serious.  
Most birds
when they are within their 4weeks after hatchery they feed on starter
     * and when they grow to 2 or 3 month of age their feeding system
is separated and segmented,
 if the birds are broilers (meat and
fatterners) they start eating the Broilers finisher feed by their
5weeks to their maturity. 
 If the birds are Layers (egg producers) or
Growers (meat producer) they feed on growers mash from their 4th week
to 3 - 4months of age (they feed on growers mash because they are not
fatterners growers mash will help them grow normally without builder
up fat in their body)
NOTE: excessive fat in the body of layers can
affect their level of production negatively.  
 By 5th months
when layers are about to start laying they are injected (consult your
vet doc for proper medication) and their feeds is changed from growers
mash to Layers mash (a formulated feed basically for laying birds to
help them lay more and stay healthy with all appropriate nutrient
embedded in it).
 On the other side, broilers feed are changed from the
normal starter chicks to Broilers finisher on the 5th week of their
age, base on breed, broilers can reach maturity on 3month in fact with
the influence of genetic science 
"commercial farms like Shonga farm
holdings in ilorin currently produce broilers that matures within the
space of 4weeks" 
this is made possible as a result of Genetics.
 Its most time processed and sealed, packed and exported out of the country
for foreign trade or freeze and sold locally within the states of the
The feeding management you should consider are based on your
poultry management and production. But its very important for you to
bear in mind that feeding consumes majority of the expenses in a
poultry farm.
 I don't advice new poultry farmers to embark on the
journey of producing their feeds by themselves. 
Its not a good
practice for you as a new beginning farmer or even a poultry farmer
with just 1year experience in the field it can be dangerous. We have
so many feed mill across the cities that manufacture feeds for
different classes of poultry birds; either 
and even to various birds that includes; 
 goose and lots more.
 It is recommendable that you should buy feeds from the
manufactures (feed mills) around your locality. 
If you don't have knowledge on feed formulation don't ever say you want to manufacture
your own feed for your birds as if any nutrients or vitamins are
excluded out of ignorance it can run your business at loss. 
Feeding does not only account for 60% expenses in poultry farming,  it also
goes a long way to secure the health and wellness of the birds, this
means if proper feeding is put in place your birds will not suffer
  health-deficiency or problems like Mal-nutrition. 
Most times the question people ask me is how often should they feed their birds daily
and at what ratio; well, not to worry; it is normally recommended that
you feed birds twice a day (that is, you feed them in the morning
after normal checking and cleaning of the pens, changing the water to
a neat one feed should be supplied in the morning).
 The second feeding should be done in the evening around 4pm. 
NOTE: don't give as much feed to the birds as you did in the morning so that they won't b
over-fed. When they are still young @ chick level ( 1 to 4weeks) feed
are to be supplied "al-Libitum" which means the feed are  always in
the feeder for the chicks to eat.
 If you handle the feeding management
of your poultry farm appropriately the way you ought to, i can assure
you that your poultry business will succeed.
 Broilers tend to consume
more feeds than other birds because they are fast growing meat and
fattener birds. 
Appropriate feeding for poultry in layers can speed-up
their egg production level, the advantage of layers over others is
that as soon as they start laying, they start paying, in the sense
that; when your layers start laying eggs the money you derive selling
their eggs can easily be used to manage other farm activities like
feeding and even more.
 Feeding is a paramount part of poultry farming
which must be handle with seriousness and commitment. 
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