Poultry series: four major challenges in poultry managment | solution

We are  Still undergoing our poultry series it won't be good enough
for us to discuss the enormous benefits of  poultry farming and its
distinct lucrativity in the industry without touching the aspects that
deals with the challenges. 
Many people as invested in poultry farming
today and regretted bountifully because they fail to realize its
challenges at the initial stage and which then run their production
and investment at the end. 
Without wasting much of your time i will go
straight to giving details about the challenges you should bear in mind
before kick-starting your next-poultry farm business, 
NOTE: is you are
mindful of the challenges at the early stage then its easy to combat
and succeed. 
1. HUGE-TIME INVESTMENT: Poultry is a hugetime investment (practically talking
about commercial production here). 
It requires a lot of time and attention to make it in poultry farming you just have to be available
and committed to your business, 
if you are a full-time worker then
there is a need for you to employ the service of a stock-man in your
poultry so that he will be available to feed them watch, after them,
and do the necessary daily routine that is needed to be done on the
*please if you don't have enough time to focus on your poultry
business don't even go into poultry farming because when you careless
about the birds it means you have less interest in see your business
grow and it can run everything* 
 time is money be sure you have the
time to make the money in poultry business.  
poultry business is labour intensive i won't tell you lies here! 
 You have to commit yourself and employ labour in respect to your
production system. 
If you are on a commercial poultry production
system let say like 600,000birds or more surely you have to employ
more people to enhance production and division of labour.   
3. CAPITAL INTENSIVE : the system of commercial poultry production in today world
is highly capitalized and you have to mindful of that fact! 
This will
help you actualize your goals and make your investment worth the time
and effort, before you start your commercial poultry establishment you
need to do a feasibility study  so as to be sure of what to expect at
the end as a reward of your establishment.
 One of the major areas that
consume much investment and spending in poultry farming is 
because this is the major area that determines the weight and
net-worth of the birds even their entire production and due to this
realization we have those that are deliberately into feed mill and feed
Set your priority and purpose well before starting and see
that you do an optimum feasibility study for your business. 
 4. PESTs and DISEASES OUTBREAK: This is another major challenges to poultry
farming and its obvious that most farmers are ignorance of this #fact.

To curb such happening it requires huge level of sensitivity and
attention, one of the best way to fight the issue of pest attack is
Good housing system
" if you have a quality housing system for your
birds that incidence of pest attack will be under control. 
Diseases in poultry can be a serious limitation to progress and devlopment and it
can make you regret ever investing into the poultry system. But
  in spite of all this kind of challenges we still have those who are
successful and progressive with their poultry business, this is
because they have been able to make the 1st basic and important
decision follow the normal routine practices that makes production to
be successful. 
One of the best way to fight the issue of disease
outbreak in poultry system is by consulting your veterinary doctor at
all time, proper and appropriate medications must be put in place, if
you notice any strange changes in the system maybe a drop in their
feeding rate, a change in the colour of their dropping or you notice
some of the birds are looking too dull unlike before that is a sign that
you should consult your vet doctor.
In some housing system like 
"Deep litter" this spread of disease is rampant and fast because the birds
are kept in the same hose and they mix together so proper sanitation
and adequate medication will go a long way to curb incidence of
disease outbreak in the poultry system management.
 So this are the
four major challenges you might encounter been the 1st time in your

poultry business but if you are already in the system then this is not

new but you might only need to make some adjustment as this post as

enlighten you more on things you should expect and the necessary steps
you should take.
 If you are already in the system of poultry farming
and you experience more challenges you can make mention of them via
the comment box below.


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