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Pigs at Obasanjo Farms

Agriculture as indeed been the bed rock of development and growth and
in any society Nigeria is not exception even though in this post we
will be focusing more on Africa as a big continent, have always heard
a lot of stories about Obasanjo farms but longtime ago but I really
don’t have much understanding and knowledge of what it’s all about and
what they do, I know there are whole lots of people that have heard
one thing or the other about Obasanjo farms so due to this I did my
research and gather a comprehensive document about the farm, the
history, what they do, development and success so far,  products and
services, their factories and location and lots more. I suggest you
get a cup of coffee sit comfortably and read along.

NOTE: There is a video presentation below on Obasanjo farms.
Since 1979, Obasanjo farms, as pioneered an integrated mechanized
farming in Nigeria as a means of sustaining our fast growing

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Cheif Olusegun Obasanjo

 Farm are located in various aspects of the country and are
managed by vigorous persons of background integration exercise with
over 30,000 hectares of land the farm is managed by over 5,500 work
forces (even more).

 Highly experienced and skilled agricultural
experts and professionals in other field that are related in the
production system.
Biosecurity measures at Obasanjo Farms otta

 Obasanjo Farms majorly specialize in production of agro-based
products and agro-allied groups which includes:
Piggery @ Otta Obasanjo Farms

Table egg,

 Hatchery services,

 Chickens (broilers, growers, layers, day old chicks,)

Plantation agriculture,


 Commercial and parent stock poultry farm,

Cattle production (Beef and Diary),

 Grass cutter,


Fish production (Fingerlins and Juveniles).

Animal processing Unit

Well equipped Animal Processing unit with facilities ranging from Cold
storage facilities, animal feeds processing unit – Oil palm


The expensive MISSION of Obasanjo Farms :

“see farming as an economic activity to be practiced as viable,

profitable and all round beneficial business requiring technology and

building Entrepreneurship, enhance the life of all that is concern in

an atmosphere of peace – unity, security, and profitability to provide

adequately for the need of the present  generation and the forth

coming generation.”

The ultimate objective is to faithfully serve humanity and in the
process serve God.

Products and grand stocks are from rated primary top breeding
companies of the world.

The eggs are brought to our environment for hatching, the GDS chicks
are raised  with full sided pens with full access to the weather
condition, the Chicks that adapt and performs best are allowed to be
the Grandparent stock which produce the parent stock and commercial
day old chicks === offspring used for the entire production.


Obamarshall is located in the dam area of oyun along Abeokuta Igboora
road Nigeria.  It has the capacity of 53,000 marshall pureline
chicken, the farm also as facilities for research and development it
as capacity for 77,000 Grand Parent Stock (GPS). Production includes
Turkey, Oba giant, Nicolas breed broilers, Marshall Parent stock (PS).


The breeder farm is located in Igboora, Oyo state; the farm has a
total capacity of 446,000 parent stock both Broilers and Layers. It
has fish farm of total capacity ranging from 65,000 and above cat fish
stock and 5,000 capacity cat fish hatchery.

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Obagayan farm ltd located in Kaduna, incoming breeder farm located
strategically at Kaduna to input commercial chicks to farmers in the
Northern Nigeria and beyond. Upon completion, the farm will have
hatchable eggs and Table eggs.
It has hatchery capacity of 1,080,000 + digital feedmill of 10 metric
tonnes per hour.

Igboora Hatchery is located in the premises of OFN IGBOORA in Oyo
state. It has the capacity of certain  1,088,640 hatchable eggs per
production with state of the act equipment and proper  bio-security
measures put in place.

Commercial Broiler farms, commercial Farms are
located at OFN otta and OFN alomaja in Otta and Ibadan respectively,
OFN otta has total capacity to stock 1,300,000 broilers and farm for
pig, snails, Grasscutter, Rabbit, Fish and Vegetables.

Alomoja commercial farm, located at the ancient city of Ibadan has the
capacity  of Breeding over 356,000 commercial broiler chicken.
Commercial layer farm OFN IBOKUN  is located at Ibokun ola-ogun, Ogun
state Nigeria. It has full capacity of 1,260,000 Layers with average
Table egg production of 20,000 crates per day.

OBASANJO  FARMS NIGERIA LTD OWIWI = is located  at Abeokuta Lagos
expressway Ogun state.
It has facilities for Duck, Quail, and Ostrich, Turkey farm amongst
others. Also located in the farm, is


Oil Palm which happens to be one of the best commercial agricultural
commodity that can sustain the economy with ability to have loss free
investment. Ibad was established in 2001, with land capacity of over
12,000 hectares, it has palm oil both semi automated and automated
with capacity of 40 metric tonnes per production. With FREE FATTY ACID
below 5.
The farm is filled with Tenera Palm plantation that gives
9days interval between harvesting after 5years of nurturing and growth
 to maturity.

OTTA CHICKEN PROCFESSING PLANT: One of the best chicken processing
plant in the country with capacity of 2,500 chicken per hour with cold
room facility,

Presently processing of packages chicken for the “can turkey = fried
chicken ” outlet in Nigeria is ongoing by the processing plant in
Otta Piggery, Rabiit, mushroom, snairy and grasscutter.
                                              “TEMPO STARCH AND
GLUCOSE LIMITED”  Factory is into production of Corn starch and
Cassava starch, Also fish feed factory Is located in the premises.

FISH FARM – OLUMORE ABEOKUTA, happens to be the largest in Nigeria
mainly stock Catfish* at Commercial quantity to satisfy the numerous
customers at the same time advance economic growth derivable from our’
aquatic lives.
Adequate stocking is done for fingerlins and juveniles.
The farm reduces Fish importation and it also focus on improving
future value added fish products.


In the quest to sell farm products to the customers, at farm gate
price, sales outlets are all over Nigeria which includes:
Ibara sales Depotn located beside spot club oke ilewo Abeokuta,
Olumore sales depot Abeokuta,
ABUJA sales depot,
Off aminu Kano is DOC sales depot in Kano,
Owerri and so many more.

Why Obasanjo farms?
It is just obvious that no one else does it better, in terms of
quantity, quality and variety.
The future of poultry business is of great importance to us @ Obasanjo farms. Our farms are keeping pace
with the trend of modern technology and scientific management to bring
the best to our customers.

Obasanjo farms Nigeria Ltd are indeed capable of meeting your needs at
a very competitive prices.

Writer’s view: This document was extracted from the video, made by Mr
Adesina Adeyemi  and the media and ICT desk of Obasanjo FARMs, we hope
you have enjoyed this report and video presentation we are committed
to bringing you more of this kindly share this great documentation
with your friends.

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  1. Wow!!! This is such an informative documentary on obasanjo farms, weldone you did a great job to help us collate this information, as a country in NIGERIA WE ARE SURELY PROUD OF oBASANjo Farms

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  4. Does OBFs offer training to individuals in areas they are interested in?

  5. This is great and it has increase my desire of becoming a farmer.


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