Dbanj invest in Agriculture "AGRIC AMBASSADOR" Koko holdings launches "Koko Garri" packaged and Processed Garri | Agriculture investment - Business

Dbanj who happens to be a celebrity and big name in  the Nigeria
entertainment industry as got himself to the industrialization and
Agricultural sector of the economy.

He reveals his new product "koko garri"at the One-Do-Agric Campaign
launch which was held at Trasnncorp Hilton in Abuja as the 1st product
coming out from his company Koko holidings'

He as actually investment in Agriculture few months ago but now his
company "Koko holdings" has finally launched their first product
called "Koko - garri" processed, sealed and well packaged cassava
flour that is ready for local consumption.

Dbanj who was named one of the ambassadors of one in Africa movement
which is suppose to encourage youth to get into Agriculture and
provide more employment and food for the whole Africa with more open
doors of opportunities.

Dbanj says in one of his presentation after announcing the launch of
his 1st product after 5years

     "finally here after 5years. I can proudly say Koko-Garri is the
first product of koko Holdings, Thanks to God' do Agric it pays, Join
me youth we can do this together"

Dbanj was made an Ambassador for the Nagroprenuers Initiative in Abuja
earlier in the month by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural
Development,   "Akinwunmi Adesina" The minister had said that the
federal Government is set to roll out the Nigerian Agricultural
Entrepreneurs, Nagropreneurs, initiative to attract youth to

The goal of the programme  was to collect roughly 750,000 young
vibrant entrepreneur farmers for the country, to enhance food security
and gain back the agricultural values of this Nation.
This young agroprenuers who will become engine in transforming
Nigeria's agriculture in the nearest future.
Koko garri fully launched in Nigeria

Dbanj as an ambassador indeed has just set the pace
What do you think about this great development?

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