How to start a commercial pig farming Business and grow it big

One of the best agriculture business and investment is pig farming we once talked about it  on this farm you can  read  List of lucrative agricultural business to start in 2014.

Pig farming business is growing fast because of the opportunities embedded in it; we now have a lot of pig farmers across the in Nigeria and the rest of the world making millions and even making a living from this business.

If you venture into pig farming business you will never go broke again why?

 Because the business is continuous, what does this means?

 It means so far the population of the world is increasing definitely the demand for food (meat) and the rest will also be increasing in fact based on the recent research carried out by FAO

we are made to understand there is more demand for food production in the world due to high population density, one of the things i so much appreciate about AGRICULTURE is the fact that people will continue to need it because every day the world population keep increasing at a geometric rate so more and more people needs food to survive and we as a farmer understand this and thus, we can use it to leverage opportunity and wealth in our business endeavors.


Some of the reasons why you should consider pig farming as a good business for you are;

1.    Pigs are very prolific in nature (produce high number of off-springs), as a single female pig (sow) can give birth to as much as 15 – 20 piglets.

2.    Pigs are good converter of feeds into meat; they eat well and grow very fast under normal circumstance.

3.    Their gestation period (pregnancy) is short 114days – 3months, 3weeks and 3days.

4.    Pig requires little investment in terms of building and construction.

5.    Pig farming as a business has high return and yield for investors and pig farmers.

6.    The salvage value is high, that is, the price at which an old pig can be sold is high.

7.    Pork (pig meat) is a good source of protein. It is high in energy as well, attractive, nutritious, tasty and tender.
8.    Pigs are polyestrous animals. This means that, pigs can be bred at any time of the year.

9.    Pig farming is a good business that can fetch you a lot of money within a short period of time, you can build a profession around it and it can earn you a foreign exchange as there are high demands of pig overseas.
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A single fully matured pig goes for up to #30,000 or more depending on the weight.

So if you are the serious type, let say you raise up to 150 pigs to maturity, you will making close to  #450,000 plus, Indeed it’s a cool business what about if you increase your horizon to like 500 or even 1000pigs.

So now that you know how much opportunity is in this fantastic business how do you go about raising your own piggery and making the profit that many other people are already making ion the business?

 Here are some simple guides to help you get started as pig farming is not as difficult as you may think it is.

GET A FARMLAND FOR YOUR PIG: You need to secure a good land for your pig, I advice you make it big enough to have a spacious environment for your pig,  i seriously advice you locate it in a rural area with less noise and disturbance, as the noise of pig and smell can irritate some people if the farm is situated in an urban area or an environment where we have a lot of resident.

 If you are just starting up and you are considering to start with small number of piglet I strongly advise you to get a plot of land at least for the start you can build a pen for your pig and start with that, but if you are considering large scale then you can start with 1acre of land depending on the number of pig you are willing to raise but if you don’t have much knowledge about it I recommend you start with a small scale production because as profitable as agricultural business it can disappointing if it falls to the wrong hand or management.

CONSTRUCT A STANDARD PIGGERY (PIG HOUSE): If you want a healthy pig and you want to be successful in your pig farming business it’s very important for you to make a standard and effective pig housing system, clean and spacious environment so that the pig will not be congested and to avoid competition and cannibalism.
Another important factor you must consider is the rain direction; don’t make the pen liable to rain or windy environment as this will hinder productivity and success of your farm, make sure you build a wallow (swimming pool for the pig) this is very important so that they will be healthy and also cool their body during dry season, the water must be changed time to time to avoid dirt and ion order to keep a healthy  and neat pigs, I remember one of my supplier once told me “Pig is the neatest of all farm animals but it depends on the stock-man or the pig keeper”. This means if you are the neat type your pig farm will be neat and your pig will be very healthy.

Another important factor in pig farming is good quality and fast growing breeds; this will help your business success, as we have some fast growing breeds, make sure you buy from reliable source.

Also make sure you don’t raise or start with too many pigs at the same time so that they don’t become a nuisance and you won’t be able to feed and take care of them. Start with small and later grow it big. By so doing you will be able to learn the basics in the business, the truth is for every business you might now know what it takes to succeed and stand-out or even the challenges in it until you start, if you take to this precautions if there should be any fault or if things should go wrong the lose will be minimal.


You need to take every necessary vaccines for your pigs at regular intervals so as to secure their health properly and one of the best ways to do this is by consulting your vet doctor on a regular basis, actually under a proper, healthy and normal condition pig doesn’t use to fall sick often but it’s very important to be conscious of their health at the same time.

 Don’t wait till their sick before you take care of them,
Pig has different injections they should take at different stages of their growth, also during pregnancy a regular visitation of the veterinary doctor will go along way a to help secure the health of the hog animals.
FEEDING is another major factor that determines success in pig farming and you must take it serious If you want to be successful just like humans pig eat variety of foods, but if you want them to grow fast buy the concentrate feeds that are specially formulated in the feed-mill for pigs
 for example;
 rice bran,
corn bran,
 dry bread and the likes you can visit a feed mill for lists of those feeds.

NOTE: in any feed formula you derive by yourself, feed mill recommendation or from anywhere you must make use the larger concentrate of the feed sure fiber as pig loves fiber and its very important in their diet due to their digestive system.

Feeding contribute 65 – 70% of the entire pig farming business and as such you must take it very serious, make sure you feed them twice a day in the morning and in the evening, if normal you feed them once in a day then don’t feed twice unless they will not eat and your effort is wasted, animals are not like we humans they lack wisdom but they understand the way – normal routine you use in dealing with them.

Pig like other animals must have s stable access to clean water, enough feeds, a quiet and peaceful living environment, if you are raising up to 100 plus pig its advisable for you to employ labor, other people to work with you on the farm as it not easy to handle a lot of pig on your own it can be demanding and you might not get the best out of such business farm.

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