Obasanjo creates 6,000 Jobs in otta farm via Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Ltd

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that he felt fulfilled, in being able to have over 6,000 employees in his farms Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited.

He said the number of  jobs he has created through his farms, far out-weighed that of the multi-national oil companies operating in the country.

The former president, dropped the hint at his Ota Farms during the 30th anniversary celebration of Obasanjo Farms Limited.

Obasanjo noted that the objectives of his farms for the next  20 years, was to have "consolidation and diversification at home and expansion continentally."

The former president expressed hope that when the farms would be celebrating theirgolden jubilee, they  would be in the commanding height of agricultural production, procesing and distribution in Nigeria, with substantial in-road in every part of Africa.

"Wherever I may be then, you as OFN staff, should endeavour to accomplish this target and this goal. Let us also mark this thirtieth anniversary with our commitment to the improvement of the environmrent by each of us planting a commemorative tree.

“Those who will be here twenty and thirty years from today will remember this day with these trees," Obasanjo said.\

GMD/CEO Obasanjo Holdings Ltd, Elder Daniel Atsu in his welcome address, said the decision of the former president to invest in the country, has created direct employment for over 6,000 men and women.

He noted that Obasanjo has created substantial economic value with his initiatives, experience, skills and leadership.

Atsu disclosed that "ultimately, our partnership with Marshall Breeders of India has produced the first  Nigerian broiler, known as Obamarshall, on March 24, 2007. This breed is fully adapted to the tropical climate with unparraleled performance statistics". 

He said at the end of this year, the farms would commence a process of turning poultry waste into organic fertilizer.


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