How to raise meat rabbit STEP BY STEP tips |beginner's guide for rabbit farming business

how to start a rabbit farming business
Commercial rabbitry with rabbit inside the hutch

Rabbit farming is a booming business and its one of the agribusiness i
will strongly recommend for enterprenuers who has passion for
livestock farming because it requires patience  and its easy to run
wihout much stress and risk like others since we've shared a post on
our community on how to start rabbit farming, in this pos i will be
focusing on some important practices and steps in starting rabbit
Development of baby to adult in rabbit

  1. Breeding: breeding rabbit is easy if you are starting for
the 1st time i suggest you get 2 males and 6 females.
 From there you can raise them with proper care to 4 - 5months they are ready for
mating you will have to increase food supply during mating process as
the body hormones are  reacting faster and thus they need more energy.

You can leave the female with the male for a mazimum of one week
after which you return the female to her hutch (rabbit cage) after two
week you should se some signs of pregnancy which includes strange
behaviours in the animal and swelling of one side of the stomach,
rabbit gestation period last for just 1months after which they will
give birth and feed their baby with milk, make sure you provide enough
hutches to accomodate the number of rabbit you have and if you want to
raise up to 50 and more you should consider building a large rabbitry
to keep them all and enough feeds.

 The baby rabbit (bunnies) develop under normal condition and they start growing hairs on their body, you
can sex them and seperate them after 2months after which you can cross
the mother rabbit for further reproduction.

2.  Feeding: feeding is simple and easy in rabbit farming as rabbit generally feed on green
and grain plants and plant parts, they also eat most of the home based
domestic food and left over but this is not adviseable for largescale
rabbit farming business plan.

 Rabbit have their own concentrate feed
that is formulated for them and contains high quality mineral and food
nutrients that enhances their growth this is a good feed combination
that anybody should consider when you want to start rabit farming as
it will improve their overall growth and proper development they tends
to attain maturity faster when raised on concentrates nevertheless,
you musn't eradicate greens from their feed formular as it is very
importnat for the proper functioning of their gastro-intestinal tract You can formulate your own feed formular for them and make sure it contains all the needd classes of balanced body nutrients needed for maximum development to occur, you can consult a vet or a specialist or an experienced, expert rabbit to give you  a high yield formulate that as worked for the growt and development of his rabbitt farm, i would have love to write out a simple formular here but it might not tally with all breeding and stages in the rabbit lifetime.

 this is another simple but important aspect of rabbit
farming as their house system goes a long way to determine the
production level, growth and their general well-being.

 A rabbit hutch should be spacious and big enough for proper ventilation. Their hutch
should be built and kept inside a rabbitry for security and safety
reasons, the rabbitry must be secured from predators and theives  and
it must be hygenic enough to avoid smell and irritating environment
for the animal.

4.  General management:  rabbit can be very simple and
easy to manage if you care for them and you follow principles that i
have shared earlier. Feeding of rabbit should be done twice a day in
the morning nd in the evening but that of the evening should be more
than the morning because rabbit are more active in the night than day,
they are nocturnal animal.

You can feed them with concentrate and green plants, some of their greeny feed includes: tridax, timothy
grass, guinea grass, elephant grass, mucuna, calapo, wheat plants,
maize plants and some other locally consumed plants and crops. Rabbit
can be a very lucrative business if you venture into them on large
scale  production


. If you want to make xtra income apart from your normal job you can venture into rabbit farming and grow it big with time. You can turn your backyard into a barnyard aswell and make money
breeding and selling rabbits, if you want to profit faster from the
business  you can start with  10 to 15 female rabbits (doe) and 4male
rabbits (buck) with that normal an average female will produce 10 to
15   bunnies at a birth so that means 15 female  rabbits  will produce
225 rabbit at a birth  and from there you can have 225 rabbit
constantly for 12 to 6months based on your  production system.

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