How to raise pet rabbit | beginners guide to pet rabbit

How to raise and care for PET rabbit.

I've shared two post lately on rearing rabbit and how to start rabbit farming business' nevertheless
i understand the fact that most new and early rabbit keepers are
ignorant of the business potential this little creation can offer them
and they are more interested in the PET aspect of rabbit as an animal.
So many peolple in the USA keep rabbit mainly for Pet reasons  and
that is why i have choosed to share more on how to handle and care for
pet rabbits.

 Rabbit can be a perfect Pet for  little kids and adult aswell.

 There are various reasons why people keep pet, i have kept
rabbit for pet purpose some years back and i still raise rabbit even
to this day. If you want to raise rabbit fo pet you may decide to keep
them indoor, in hutches, or garage.

Since they are going to be raise for pet purpose i advise you get just two for the start so that you
can learn the Pros, Dos, and dont' in rabbit keeping. Rabit can be
very nervous and silly sometimes they need serious attention from
their owner for them to perform best.

If you are keeping your rabbits for Pet and you are leaving them to roam in the garage or your
own home compound,  then there is need for you to provide a simple
shade for them to rest under when its raining and when the day is
sunny, actually the best way to care for a Pet bunny is to keep them
in hutches or indoor, in so doing you wil be able to get the best out
of them and monitor their general growth and development in general.

As i have earlier listed in our former post as regard rabbit farming ,
the same thing applies in raising pet rabbit they are to be fed twice
in a day the morning' and evening'  and you must ensure there is
adequate and sufficient greens and grain in their diet because
vegetables is an exponential  part of their gastro-intestinal tract
digestion which has a major part to play in their overall development
, growth and normal body functioning, rabbit grows faster when they
are on balanced food diet.

Rabbit breed that makes perfect home pet
includes: chinchilla, belgian hare, newzealand white,  dutch breed,
Lop eared fancy Type (perfect pet rabbit with their ear droping to the
ground), and the Angora breed actually angora is raised for their fur
but they can also make a perfect Pet rabbit.

 You must build a condusive house for the bird if it must be kept in the cage enough
space must be provided with feeders and drinkers.

 Reproduction should be done when the rabbit are 5month old you will take the female into
the hutch of the male and not vice-versa a week crossing can be very
effective and productive aswell, when the rabbit is pregnant you must
provide a NEST BOX this is where the rabbit will give birth to and
keep its bunnies inside till they are old enough to feed themselves.

The average dimension for breeding hutches is 75cm x 60cm for the
smaller breeds and 120cm x 60cm for the larger breed.
Nest box: the next bos prevents the young one from wandering too early and picking
conteminated food. It protects the rabbit from unfavourable climate

Bedding:    solid floors are usually covered with suitable
bedding and sawdust is the most suitable. It is advisable to sprinkle
some lime in hutches before a fresh bedding is put after cleaning.

This is to keep them sweet. The nest box should also be lined wih
sawdust or straw to  help the doe make its nest.

Feeding and watering on a regular basis is only one aspect of owning a pet rabbit,
and perhaps the most important, but there are many things you will
need to know to insure your pet's long and healthy life.

Care of the young ones (bunnies): it is neccesary to avoid disturbing
the doe as much as possible for some days after kindling (giving birth
to young ones).

ThE attendant should check the nest box once a day to
check for dead ones some does' can have a litter of up to nine or more
buts its advisable to leave not more than 8 bunnies to a doe for she
may not have  enough milk to feed more than that number. The ecess
could be transferred to a doe that has a smaller litter, that kindled
around the same time have such a transfer should be done carefully.
Rub the bunny been adopted with the fur from the doe receiving them.

If two does' that kindled around the same time have small litters
each, all the bunnies can be transferred  to one and the other doe
rebred immediately.

Does(plural form of a female rabbit) are most fertile immediately after kindling. After a few days from birth the bunnies begin to grow some fur and their eyes open by the second week
when they begin to come out of the nest box.

At 8weeks they are old enough to be weaned. Rabit are very easy animals so most of times
there are less issues of diseases or infection but it happens you can
curb the occurence to a zero level by adhering o the important points
that have listed earlier.

If you have more stuffs to add to this guide
pls do not esitate to use the comment box


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