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Palm Tree is one of the best agricultural recourse in Africa Nigeria, precisely. It’s considered by some people the most valuable tree within close reach. It boasts of content such as Oil, Palm wood, raffia wood, ivory nuts, palm syrup, rattan cane, carnauba wax and lots more potential resources.
The palm tree is one of the most economically important tree in the sub-saharan  Africans. Both men and women  takes advantage of this agro resources and any individual who knows how great this tree can be is eligible to make profit from it.

The African palm tree is the most valuable tree within reach. It boasts of these rich contents: oil, palm wood, raffia wood, ivory nuts, palm syrup, rattan cane, and carnauba wax. The palm tree is one of the most economically important plants of the Sub-Saharan Africans. Both men and women take advantage of its resources, from the palm wine to the palm nuts. In fact anyone who has a vast land farm of palm trees is rich.  

In 1911 Nigeria was contributing 75% of the 157,000 tonnes of palm nuts exported by West Africa. It was until 1934 that Malaysia surpassed Nigeria as the largest exporter of the product. Question: what happened?. Answer: Interest waned, and the more interested people took over. And that has seen them through thick and thin, against all odds. Futile efforts have been made to revitalize the palm tree culture in Nigeria.

The question is, why would people lose this amount of interest in lucrative investment like this? Another version of oil came into play, the crude oil. So every Dick and Harry felt it's the straight road to the fountain of wealth. But the world is round and turns around for a reason: everything is destined to change.
The current worldwide push for the use of palm oil as the basis for the production of biodiesel proves this true. The world is worriedly looking for an alternative to crude oil, and if that happens, there would be painful regrets.

So my dear investor! Do I need to remind you that a better opportunity lies here? The truth is, it takes some time to grow palm products. But you know that every profitable, genuine  business requires, also some measure of patience. Some people spend a lot of money on stocks, a long time investment, which they don't know what the future holds for it. Is it better to gamble with your investment fund or to put it where "time" not so long yields fortune?

Presently, Nigeria is contributing about 18 to the worldwide exportation of palm oil. And her Growth rate is 0.00%. What happens to the rest? Many western companies are finding their way over here, to take advantage of the insouciant attitude of local investors toward this sector. And they are reaping the fruits of a good investment decision.

 A few people who are interested do not have the fund to do it all. You can start from plantation, palm tree farming isn't all about milling. If you don't have the fund to set up the mill, or don't want to. You could harvest and sell the raw materials to already established companies. This business does not need all your time. It's a "do what you have to do at a time" thing. Cultivate the trees and make them grow. Trim them occasionally to keep them healthy. Note: it doesn't take you personally to do any of these. That means, it's freeing. 

 I believe now you have seen an investment opportunity to think about.
Wilmar International Limited. A Singaporean Company, which is today the leading agri-business group in Asia and by market capitalization, it is ranked amongst the top companies in the Singapore Exchange. The Company has acquired oil palm plantations in excess of 30,000 hectares in Cross river State and also green field for Oil Palm cultivation.

There are some others, the numbers are rising. They see opportunity in a far away land, and they are taking advantage of it. And so you can. Get the needed space and nursery, cultivate and see how mother earth rewards those who trust in her.

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