Tips on how to run a successful cattle farming Business

I recently shared an introductory article on "How to start cattle farming Business" .

 Agricultural business is so many and incredible to
the extend that no one can run them all at the same time! Its not
possible because they are numerous and that is what as inspired and
brought about the birth of a Blog that is
strictly committed to updating his readers with quality article on
Agricultural development and farming business opportunities in Nigeria
and the rest of the world. 

Cattle farming an be enormous and tasking at the same time. It demands a lot of time, exercise and patient so
that you will profit beyond compare with it. Statistics made me to
understand that more than 50 cattle are been killed everyday in one
state in Nigeria (a country with over 36 states) just to meet up the
demand for animal protein as an essential body nutrient that must be
present in abundant. Despite, we  could not up with the demand for it
nevertheless this is due to the continuous population growth on the
other side its a sign to tell any investors there is much profit to
make in any viable agricultural invest like Cattle farming.

 In case you are reading this post for the  first time you can read our previous
article on cattle farming for better understanding. 

Here i will be
sharing some important and vital tips to running a successful cattle
farming business: 

there are some important procedures that much be
followed and steps that must be put in place in order for anyone to
success in cattle farming.

 * Start with small fold: cattle are large
body animal and they occupies big space both for grazing and housing
generally, apart from considering their weight you also need to take
note of their well being and familiarize yourself with them and this
can be easily achieved when you start with a small fold let say 6 cows
and 2 bull so that subsequently over the years they can produce more

 * Consider a pasture land: cattle feed on green plants -
forages and this is their primary diet as ruminant animal with four
chamber stomach you need provide quality green forage and vegetative
land filled with green pasture that can serve as good food for the
animals "feed is one of the most important thing in cattle production
when you handle their feeding well their lives is secured and your
business will prosper. 

* Employ farm workers: If you are into cattle
production or you have seen herds man working you will see that its
not a work of one person there is need for division of labor.
Especially if you are into Diary cattle you can't do it alone you need
to employ more workers that will facilitate the works on your farm and
make it to be easy.


 * Health management services : Cattle graze and
feed on varieties of grasses and in the course of their feeding they
can inhale pathogens and harmful organisms that their antibodies might
not be able to with stand so its important to be conscious of their
health and overall performance to be sure they are in good health,
you need to consult your Vet Doctor regularly for medical check up on
the performance of the animal and other important vaccinations
injections and the rest. 

* clean pens and make the farm tidy: neatness
is another fast lane to health farm system. You need to cultivate the
habit of neatness on your farm Cattle are not dirty animals so you
must also make sure their entire farm hold is kept tidy and neat in so
doing you are already maintaining a proper health condition for them.

*. Quarantine services:
this is another important step that must be
put in place, it means trying to check newly imported animals to know
if they are healthy or they are infected if they are infected, they
are checked treated before mixing with the other animals in Cattle
production, quarantine services are very important and must be duly
observed for every new animals before joining the old stock.

 * Consider your purpose and target your audience: if you are going to be
a Dairy farmer be specific and if you are going to be a beef farmer
you have to define your purpose right from the on set so that you
will know your target customers there is an already waiting market
demand for any produces in agriculture but you have to figure out your
targeted customers so that you can make maximum profit from your

 So there you have it, those are the important steps that
you must put in place for running a successful cattle farming business
in any part of the world.

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