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How to get started with Broiler chicken farming (FEASIBILITY STUDIES FOR BROILER FARMING BUSINESS

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I have share so many Posts on Poultry farming on this Blog that ranges
from Layers Broilers cockerel amongs others you can read them again if
you have not, just search the keyword Poultry farming or use the Tags.

I decided to write this particular post just to narrow down our focus
on Broilers specifically   - Broilers is one of the aspects of Poultry
farming that is very lucrative and attractive within 3months your
birds are matured and ready to be sold out to consumer making it
possible to run Broiler farming up to 3 oe 4 times within a year with
effective management and profit.

Broilers at 4weeks

 However, as profitable as Broilerfarming is it requires loads of know-how so that the farm might not
run at loss especially for beginners, i have raised Broilers countless
time and all i can is that Broilers chicken farming is one of the most
profitable aspects of Poultry farming anyone should consider, layers
are great too as their own benefits are double but broilers is
some-what narrowed down and specific and the unique  aspect of the
business is that as soon as people discover you run a Broiler farm you
don't have to worry about selling them @ the local market people will
locate you themselves to buy from you.

 I want to get deep into the
management, from Day old upfront, broilers are fragile and they
require adequate and effective management with proper handling so if
you are just getting started with Broiler chicken farming or you are
planning to venture into it i'd advice you to take some few minutes
and read this Post to the end.

 I will be making this feasibility for
a total of 100birds at least for the start - beginners"s guide.
Firstly you need to draft a budget plan for the financial expenditure
which is the 1st step, this may include = Feeding costs,  = housing
system,  = medication and others which is very important to get right
from the beginning. In Nigeria one day old Broiler ranges from #180 to
#200, so if you are considering 100 that means to get them considering
#200 x 100birds you will spend - N20,000 on getting those birds from
hatchery or dealers of day old birds. 

Broilers at 3monhs

Also you ned to budget the drug
and medication aspect too which is very important too Broilers strain
is structure scientifically to be an hybrid-vigour which grows with
speed under proper management however the body system is not too
strong to withstand adverse weather condition  that might come up due
to the area where the broiler farm is situated and this is where
medication comes in, proper medication will go a longway to help
immune the health of the birds. From day old the broilers as their
drugs which most time are administer through the liquid form in their
drinking water. Precautions to consider includes: 

* Keep the day old birds under proper temperature system  at all time. 

* Feed should be administered Al-libitum (as much as required) within the first one
month their feeding trough must not be dry at all, broilers as nothing
to do most times through out their lifetime than to eat so you must
not suffer them of their regular feed. 

Water must be ever available
inside their house,  from day old to 30days they are fed on Broilers
starter feed while from 30days to 3rd month they are fed broilers
finishers i strongly recommend for starters to buy their feeds from a
reliable and standard commercial feedmill, processing and formulating
their feeds by yourself won't help you it might help you cut expenses
but the birds will not have every nutrient they require and this will
have adverse effect on their overall health state  as they won't be
heavy (Broilers  Selling - point) enough like they suppose to be after
3months. Is always adviceable to invest good amount of money in order
to get tangible return on the overall investment  as Broiler chicken
farming is queit expensive and demanding but very profitable. 

Feeding takes majority of the expenses spent in a broiler farming business.
In terms of housing, proper ventilation must be made available (i
recommend Deep litter system), overcrowding must be avoided right from
the day old, as it can affect their respiratory system.

 Mortality is inevitable but avoidable so if your budget is a total of 100birds i
strongly advice you start with 150 or 120 birds under proper
management you can reduce mortality to 8% or lesser i have raised
Poultry birds with just 2% mortality rate, its possible when you have
the know-how but as a beginner it might not be so easy to avoid death
in the fold but you can reduce it by adhering to the precautions
listed above. You need to consult your Vet. 

Doctor for proper planning and directions on what you should do, don't tarry to report any
strange symptoms observed in the poultry house like dropping of
feathers, watery feaces, closing of eyes by birds, drop in feed
consumption, dropping of water directly from the mouth of the birds al
these are signs of sickness in the poultry farm. 

Remove all dead birds
on notice and cull (isolate) all sick birds from the healthy ones.

All waters are drinkers should be kept clean always, and water and feed should be made available at all time for the birds to feed on.

Make al the pens and litters clean and with lesser or no smell to enhance the overall health state of the birds.

If you are a Broiler farming you can share experience with us via the comment system below.

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