How To Start Dog/Pet business in Nigeria

How To Start Dog/Pet business in Nigeria

Are you a lover of pet? Or are you searching for a good business to do? Then, your high curiosity of the form of business to do is pet trading business. All over the world,the pets business have present a great opportunities for business minded people,which yields million of naira in Nigeria. The following details will help you to get started:


The pets market price lists around Lagos are: 

  • Dobberman dog puppy is 60,000 naira 
  • Caucasian shepherd puppies is 120,000 naira

       a pure breed boar bull male puppies  100,000 naira 

  • While that of the female pure breed boar bull of a year old is 250,000 each etc. On a daily basis your own net profits is 800,000. You can be happy,if you give it a start up!!  

Prepare Yourself For The Job


Your key drive to a successful career is your passion for the job. This will enable you to succeeds,But first get yourself educated through training classes and by a professional dog trainer,also Seek advice from people around you. 
Create a good image of yourself before the community that you love or  have great passion for pets. Do people knows you as a pet or animals charity or lover? 

Market yourself through marketing campaign,design specific van with your own pets posters or pictures,advertising your business in the media house that are costs effective, to entice customers to call on you,which is one of the best marketing strategy for your business success. Let your passion,honesty and related qualifications stand you out from your competitors.

Getting the Finance To Start 

The best advice or suggestion is that,you start with the little amount of capital that you have at hand. Then consider, if possible asks family and friends before going to the bank for loan at this early stage of the business. But first decide on the type of business you want to venture into within the pets arena form of business. 

Licence Your business 

It's wise to say, before you get your business started,registered your business and choose a simple but unique name that will always run in the minds of people or your prospective customers or clients. Register your business with corporate affair commission, which is the body responsible for registration of businesses in Nigeria. Therefore, find out in your own country the body responsible for registration business names. 

Training Dogs For Security 

Another fast growing business in circulation,is the training and selling what is called Police Dogs,use for security purposes. Which most government security agencies use to combat criminals. If you are a lover of dogs,then this is your opportunity to make more money for yourself.

Selling pet toys 

Selling pet toys is a growing and strong business in many countries of the world. Whether you specialize in designing,manufacturing or you decide selling pet toys in wholesales to retailers or even sells directly to customers can enrich your bag to the bank. First look for an attractive location for your business in your environment and display your products. 

The best way to succeeds in this form of business is to sells high qualities product of different colors and sizes in a transparent and strategic position visible to members of the public. Majority of people are very much attracted and passionate about pet toys. However, most of these people wouldn't mind emptying their bags for the sake of pet toys.

Finally,consider these few points and think big of how you can own and run your business successfully.

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