How to Reduce Weak Egg Shell, Improve Egg shell and Laying Capacity of Layers in Poultry Farming

How to Reduce Weak Egg Shell, Improve Egg shell and Laying Capacity of Layers in Poultry Farming.

Poultry Farming precisely “Egg Production’” is a potential Agricultural Business today and if well done it can make unbelievable profits for farmers as we have records of increasing demand for Poultry Egg daily as a result of the fact that most people prefer eggs to Meat.

The Nutritional potential of egg in Meals cannot be overemphasized.

One of the Major challenges faced by Poultry Framers especially those majoring in Egg production is having series of Weak Eggs and it leads to more and more broken eggs which makes most farmers to run at loss even in their early days Farming.

This can e a very ridiculous experience as it discourages farmers a lot.

If you are a Poultry Farmer who is willing to invest into Egg production or you are already into Egg production, this post will go a long way to help you get rid of lose and make more profits in your Poultry Egg production Business.

How to Reduce Weak Shell in “Egg Poultry Farming” and Improve the Quality of Poultry Eggs 

1.    Proper Feeding: This is almost the 1ST step to improving the quality of your Poultry Eggs, proper feeding especially when the birds are close to their laying.

 At this stage you will need to improve the quality of protein in their feeds and you administer more Vitamins and Antibiotics into their meals. Most Birds that have suffered from Mal-nutrition tends to produce weak eggs of less quality which reduces the market potential of such Farm Eggs. 

 Most Buyers will tend to go for heavy quality Eggs irrespective of the price so far it as what they are looking for.

2.    Proper Drugs and Medications: This is another important point that must be noted. Proper medication for the birds especially when they are close to their laying stages.

 Birds are very prone to stress and weakness and the exercise of continually laying eggs can lead to some level of stress and weakness the only way to handle this is proper medication, you can easily manage the stress with proper medications and Drugs. 
Consult your Vet Doctor for proper medications for your Birds. If they are already laying and the cases of Weak eggs are prevailing, you might need to inject them with Iron Injection “I recommend you get an Expert to do this for you”. 
3.    Poultry Housing system:
This tends to influence the performance of the birds in long run, Battery Cage and Deep litter 

system are the two most common systems in poultry Farmer today. 
The layout of the Poultry Cage really goes a long way to determine their strength and weakness.

 Let your Poultry House system be friendly to the birds. Deep litter tends to give more free space for the birds to exercise themselves and perform better. 

The only constricts in Deep litter system is that Birds tend to break and eat their eggs as a result of cannibalism in Poultry Framing, you can monitor this practice by administering drugs and proper checking of the birds daily. 

 Providing a nest box that is not open inside the Poultry house so that each birds can go in and lay there. However, most Commercial Poultry Farms today tends to use the Battery Cage system, especially with the new development of advanced Poultry Housing Cage system. 

The Birds can easily lay there in the row. Battery Cage system tends to reduce cases of Cannibalism as the birds don’t have access to the eggs after it as been laid. 

Another Importance of Battery Cage over Deep Litter is that it makes the egg neat as the droppings of the birds are never in contact with the Egg. Battery cage system “advanced modern cage” might not be the best option for new farmers as it is expensive but its highly recommended for Poultry Farm with Birds up to 1000 and above.

 In order to maximize profits and to be able to properly manage every activities within the poultry system. Proper housing can be a rewarding factor in Poultry Productivity especially when it involves lots of birds.

4.    Choose the Right Breeds: This is very important in Poultry Farming.  All other factors are external but kind of poultry Breed that is been used can actually make or Mar the average production level of the Birds. 

There are some special breeds that do well in terms of egg production. Those are the types of breed you should consider, trying to use another breed for Egg production will cost more and productivity will be low. Some of the breeds that are specially productive at Egg laying includes; White Leghorn, Brown Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, New Hamsphire. 
How to know a Good Layer in Poultry;

The following are the characteristics of goof Laying Poultry Birds;

1.    A good Layer has a broad and square head.
2.    It has a short beak.
3.    It has bright and bulging eyes.
4.    It possesses a smooth and lean face.
5.    It has a large but thin comb.
6.    It has a bright red comb and wattles.
7.    It has a soft and pliable abdomen.
8.    There is absence of cannibalistic tendencies or aggressive.
9.    It has broad flexible pelvic bones.
10.    It possesses a wide, moist cloaca.
11.    It must have pale colored shanks.
12.    There is absence of broodiness.
13.    It possesses a glossy Plumage. And the list goes on and on but these are the essential characteristics you must watch out for in a Poultry Bird to be considered for Laying and Egg production.

Normally, the Quality of Egg shell is influenced by Nutrition and feeding. Calcium and Maganese are Vitamin place a very vital role in the proper formation of the egg thus good oyster shell must be supplied and made available in their feeds in other to meet the need for the listed above nutrients. 

To achieve a yellow coloration of the Yolk, Yellow corn and green feed play an important role in the formation.

If you follow the instructions listed above, you should experience a change in the level of egg laid by your Birds.

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