How Rainy Season can Improve your Farm Production Agriculture Farming

Everyone knows raining season is the best time for farming, this is
right and it is indeed the best time. 
However there are more you
should know especially as a farmer or a business owner who rely on
farmers and farming.

Raining season doesn’t favor Plant Production alone it also favors
Animal Rearing and these are some of the stuffs I will be sharing with
you in this article right now.

The soil compatibility is high during the dry season and this makes it
hard to grow plants naturally unless under intensive care and proper
monitoring like Irrigation system which is not always the best and are

at times not available everywhere.

Another constrains about irrigation system is that it cannot be
adopted for every farming system.

Farmers are advised to make reservations and concentrate their major
heavy farming to the rainy season and consider the dry season for
harvesting and marketing, while preparing further farming in the next
rainy season.

Normally Soil tends to gain naturally fertility while its rainy, dry
dead and decay soil component tends to form good organic nutrient for
soil and thus making the grow of plants to be better.

Plants that do not require much rain – moisture are better to be
cultivated at the early start of the raining season or while the rain
is almost getting to an end, before the dry season sets in.
Plants are not the only agricultural components that tend to do well
during the raining season the animals are not excluded. Animals tend
to improve in terms of their production during the rainy season. The
hormone are always active during the rainy season as there are more
fresh feeds in the case of ruminant like cattle. Most mating are
always in the rainy season due to the hormonal reaction, this can give
the farmer a better sense of record keeping and making analytics of
production going on in the farm.
Another case study here is Poultry farming; layer birds tend to
produce more fresh eggs during the rainy season than the dry season as
the heat effect during the dry season tends to slow down production
Having this knowledge can help you as a farmer to determine when you
should slow down and when you should increase your farm production in
respect to the season.

Egg production can go high during the rainy season and slash down
during the dry season due to heat. Knowing this as a farmer simply
means you should make more awareness and branding towards selling more
eggs to consumer during the rainy season and make sure you increase
your quantity produced.

Another great benefit of rainy season is that the incidence of disease
outbreak and illness is so minimal among birds and other farm animals.

 Indeed Rainy season is the best season for planting and also reading
farm animals.

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