A Typical Layer Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria

Would you like to have your own Layers Poultry Farm in 2015?
Do you plan to invest into Livestock farming and you are considering Layers as a good choice for the start?

Do you want to know more about Layer Poultry farming business in Nigeria, Africa and the rest parts of the world?

The thing is, if you have an idea how much people consume eggs daily you won't wish to do any other kind of business except Egg production "Layer Poultry Business".

There are many reasons why many people tend to prefer eggs over meat and the likes and some of them can be traced to the cheap price "Affordability", Great recipes, Health recommendations, Industry use as in Raw materials, easy to produce in large quantity, The list goes on and on like that.

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However the demand for more eggs is on the increase on a daily basis and we need more layer poultry farmers to be able to meet up with the huge demand in the market.

One beautiful aspect of egg production layer poultry business in livestock farming ius that; the market is available all through out the year.

Also with the rise in popular and industrialization, many companies are beginning to need more eggs since it is their major Raw material.

Commercial Eateries seems to be another major customer for egg and their demand is not fully meant due to the few number of poultry egg farmers so this makes it a wise choice for anybody to make in poultry farming business and make great profits in Nigeria.

Majorly, in this business, what you need is Proper Housing System for effective and healthy birds/egg production, proper and adequate feeding for the birds "especially at the pre-laying and the laying stage", adequate medication to checkmate the health status of the birds and to reduce weaknesses.

In terms of the feeding there is a great need to visit a specialist as nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, protein, carbonhydrate and importantly calcium is highly needed to develop a strong and healthy egg for better sales and to make the business venture a success.

For those who finds it difficult to raise birds from day old "have seen a couple of them" i strong recommend you buy layers of "point of lay" this will save you a lot of risk, lose and havoc in the production.

Do not despise the marketing aspect of this business, as soon as you start recording eggs daily tell your family and friends about the business, advertise base on your budget and if it is a small scale you can also reach out to local businesses and eateries for proposal, the beautiful thing about egg production business in Nigeria is that as soon as people and potential customers finds what they are looking for, from you; they will keep coming back.

Local market can be a great sale center too base on your community, i have embed in a video in this post, you can watch it is a case study of a Typical Layer Poultry Farming Business establishment in Ilorin City Kwara state Nigeria, located in Africa.

Here we produce egg on a daily basis and major sales are done at the farm gate making it cheaper and easier for our customers to get thieir needs met.


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