Guide for running a Profitable Plaintain Farm in Nigeria "plaintain Farming"

Plantain farming is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria and the best place for plantain cultivation are Osun,Oyo,Ekiti,Rivers,Bayelsa,Ondo,Delta,Ogun state e.t.c

plaintain farming business in Nigeria

I have successfully set-up plantain farms across Nigeria this year and i will be sharing my experiences on this platform with you.

I will also be telling some of the successful.stories of plantain farmers that started small and now are making millions from plantain;all with pictures.

Although plantain farming business is expensive,the long term benefits to be gained is worth the huge capital invested.
This thread is targeted to provide good information to plantain farmers that are getting it wrong in the farming of plantain; interested people that wants to take advantage of the profits plantain farm offers; youths that wants to learn the in and out of plantain farming business.

Plantain farm.can last for decades (if it was properly set-up and manage) and i showing you how to do that.

I have visited a lot of plantain farm.this year and what i see tells me that a lot of farmers are getting it totally wrong in this business.

A 6 month old plantain farm looking like a 1 month old plantain farm is not encouraging,Thank God for my timely intervention,that farm will have made a loss.
A lot of managerial practices are needed to be done after setting-up of a plantain farms.

I can tell you real lifestories of how people have made wrong decision in consulting inexperience people to set-up and manage farms for them.
This thread will show you how to set-up and manage a profitable farm,the cost analysis of starting e.t.c

Just follow this thread all the way and you can be assured that i am going to share all you need to know to get started on a high note.

Plantain needs a good land preferably soil rich in.nutrients for optimum.growth.
Good land preparation is needed either manual or mechanical.

I personally prefer using tractor to.prepare the land because it is faster, the soil is well prepared and saves time.

If you are cultivating plots of land,manual might be the best for you but not advise to use manual labour on large hectares of land.

After this the second stage is to source for your suckers to plant.

I will show you the 2 types of suckers you can use and the best one for you to make good profit.

These are the 2 kinds of suckers you can use.
I will talk more on these suckers later on this thread.

please bear with me, the pictures are not uploading due to the network.
will keep trying until it cooperate with me.


Before plantimg is done
Hole is dug of about 10-15cm below the ground surface.
This can be done 2 days before planting.

Suckers are gently lower into the hole and covered.

It is watered 12-24hours after planting with subsequent watering at every 2 days interval.(3 times in a week)

These are some of the important steps to take so as to make success with
 plaintain farming business in Nigeria, subsequently i will be sharing more
more articles on plaintain farming

If you have any question just drop it and i will do justice to reply them.


  1. where can a get plantain and yam in a very large scale, please help me with the state and location

    1. You can get in the west, south and eastern part of Nigeria but i can assure you of Ibadan and Lagos in Nigeria, based on where you stay.

    2. i have enough if you are really interested contact me 08038992342 good suckers.

  2. Thank you for this educating article. Pls how many plantain suckers can go into 5plots?

    1. i think it depends on spacing, but i also want to hear from the experts

  3. how many month does it take these suckers to start germinating fruits

  4. can i plant plantain on a sugar plantation around papalanto area in ogun state;

    1. no, the nutrient will be competed for and the two will not grow well and healthy together.

  5. Where can I get you in Ibadan

  6. Please what is the spacing on planting plaintain suckers. And How Many Plaintain should you plant per 1000sqmetre. Where can one get good HybridSuckers

  7. Is this all i need to know to have a profitable plantain farm? The author is not responding to questions raised. I would like to know how many sucker can be planted on an acre for a good harvest. You can reach me on

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Please how can I get your contact number...I need you to help me setup my farm

  10. Please how can I get your contact number...I need you to help me setup my farm


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