Major Agricultural Products that sells fast During Christmas and New Year Season

Yeah! It’s the season of the year when everyone gets to farm stores and market to get various kinds of food stuffs to celebrate the season, following the trending Topic on #Greenhealthyfarm about the “Christmas Chicken Culture” I have decided to share with the great farmers and agric business people reading this Blog the farm product that gets most of the Christmas season.

I am really impressed with the feedback I got from the “Why do people prefer chicken meat to other kind of animal protein for their Christmas recipe” I have been able to deduce the fact that “chicken” as the major meat for Christmas celebration is a global thing as we celebrate Christmas ihere in Nigeria with Chicken as the major meat so also they do at America, India and other parts of the world.
I have been on the market outlook for this Christmas season to know which of the products are fast on sale for the season and I have been able to come up with some fantastic results.

Major Farm Produce with Huge Demand for Christmas Celebration

  1. Poultry Chicken : The amazing part of this Chicken thing is that; it is not only sold in the market but  every new and far junction you will find one or two poultry farmers, a case study of “Oro Road Ilorin Kwara State, poultry farmers come together to form a group selling Point Market for More than enough Chicken and some other birds like Turkey, Guinea Fowl, Duck amongst others.
The great demand for chicken during Christmas can be traced to the fact that it has been in vogue for a long time and as anonymously turned out to become a culture that is “never” going to stop, you as a farmer, you can budget your business farm towards the Christmas season and raise some brids like Broilers ‘which takes at most 3months (hybrid takes 1month) to grow up to market size currently in Lagos a Broiler with 5kg live weight sells for #5000 and the price increases relatively with weight, the major cost of raising Broilers is the feed and if you cannot afford this you can also consider Cockerel which takes 4 to 5month to reach Maturity and ready for sale, poultry business is a booming business in Nigeria especially if you budget your business plan to Christmas season you can make millions every year.
Some other kind of Poultry Products that are highly demanded during Christmas includes; turkey, poultry egg, and others.

  1. CatFish : I think some category of people must have find the “ Christmas Chicken culture” to be monotonous and they tend to be on the outlook for a better animal protein that is palatable and can fit into the season merry and seems Catfish has been picked as the next line animal protein. There is a high demand for catfish during this season, some hotels and clubs also have more customers coming in during this time hence; more pepper soup is required, you can reach out to this ready organization and make a business proposal to supply catfish for them, one beautiful thing about catfish business is that “it is not seasonal’ even though there is a huge demand for it during the season of Christmas however, you can still make sales in other season of the year. Catfish is more or less the best alternative to chicken meat so many people are opting in for it now, Some vegetarians and people who are willing to lose their weight or are one some medical diet specifications will also prefer Catfish to Chicken as it is a white meat with low cholesterol fat.
So you can also venture into fish farming and focus on Catfish Production as this particular specie as gat lot of market focus.

  1.  Pig, Sheep, Cattle, Goat, : These are the third category based on my research and most family with large population are the ones going for the animals with large weight. Organizations and Companies also prefer these animals when they are celebrating their annual year anniversary and end of the year party.
Pig and Cattle seems to top the list, since the Muslims don’t eat Pig there is a raise in the demand for Pig during the Christmas and New Year celebration. New Year however, is a celebration for all, the Muslims also go for cattle “those with large population” So if you have enough investment you can venture into Pig Farming, Cattle Farming, Sheep and Goat Farming.

This is the product of my market research for the farm animals with high demands during the Christmas, the good thing is; you don’t have to start Big you can start with poultry farming (I strongly recommend Broiler) and sell them off during Christmas and New Year.
With the increase of refreshment spots, clubs, hotels and recreation centers the demand for catfish is on the increase and if you are a farming you can simply add ‘Catfish’  to your Budget for the year 2015.
I hope you have picked some new ideas for your agricultural business ventures towards 2015, if you have any question drop them below and I will be reply them.
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