Top Lucrative Agric/Livestock Farming Businesses you should Start in 2017 to Make Profits

Top Lucrative Agricultural and Livestock Farming Businesses you should Start in 2016 and Make Profits

I am happy you are able to make it into 2016, gradually the journey as started and bit by bit the wise ones are already letting out their plans for the year, especially in the agricultural industry. There is no time to waste you must make all your decision fast and execute them one after the other so as to  make sure 356days is sufficient for you to experience a change and also make your dreams and aspiration come true.

One of the most engaging and trending post on this Blog in the year 2014, was “Top Lucrative Agricultural Businesses to start up”. This make it known to me that so many readers of this Blog are actually interested in the lucrative and rewarding agricultural businesses that can make them profit and success.

I am always on the outlook for what is trending currently at the market and  this is how have been able to gather quality information that will help you achieve even better in the year 2016 in your various businesses and agricultural establishment. In this post will not bit about the bush, I will just go straight to the point on what you need to start and make your aspiration come true.

There are some very lucrative agric and farming businesses in Nigeria today and I will be mentioning them one after the other; if it will require you to bookmark this page or print it out I suggest you do so.

Top Lucrative and Market Demanding Agricultural Business to Start up in 2016 and Make Money Farming in Nigeria

  1. Poultry Farming :                    
    Poultry Farming is just too lucrative to be Ignored, it baffles me when most Nigeria Youth still cry out on the anthem
    There is No Job
Who tell you that?                   
 Do you know you can actually empower yourself?
And be self-employ?

Poultry farmers are increasing and its obvious the market demand for poultry product is too high to the extent that, it is difficult for farmers to meet the demand.   
Poultry Farm here in the Nigeria of today, poultry business is a bomb, there are some hot-demand major aspect of poultry farming like;

Meat Production (Broiler Breeding)

Egg Production (Layers)

Some Poultry Products and Equipment.

If you can get basic knowledge by reading some of our guides on poultry farming which can actually empower you and let you know the early bird knowledge on how the business works, then I can assure you, you have o problem breeding your own birds and making profits.

   President Obasanjo once said in 2009 and I quote 

“Any day my Manager told me they made less than 1Million a day on Poultry Egg production and sale, I will fire him”

I want to believe this is enough to help you know how lucrative poultry business is in the Nigeria of today, if he said that in 2009 then what will be happening to his farm income majorly from poultry egg production in 2016?


If you are still sitting down without a Job of your own please I suggest you get yourself acquainted with poultry farming and start this year. Just strolling in the evening to a nearby poultry farm in your vicinity can go a long way to help you get the beginners knowledge, poultry birds are not difficult to breed as most people think they are, it just require a simple approach and basic knowledge on feeding, breeding, medication, housing and the overall management. You can start with 20 to 50birds and see how the breeding works and gain experience before you proceed into a larger farm holding.

 If you need further information on how to start Poultry Farming, contact us.

  1. Fish Farming : OMG!    
        This is another bomb in the livestock farming business world, I am personally impressed with the change in the fish farming industry, Nigeria as actually transform from just a mere
    Fisher men holding into a :Fish Farmers venture and this makes it more impressive. The beauty of fish farming investment in Nigeria is that it is not capital-intensive, which means it requires a low capital investment to start up. Another wise tip most Nigerians are using is to figure out a riverine/water logged area and establish an earthen fish pond which does not require much invest to start up and within your 1st 3 to 4 month, you will be counting your profits, Fish are a little more fragile than Poultry Birds but they are easy to handle and manage without loss, most people that tend to overlook the primary  knowledge are the ones that run at loss, if you want to start your fish farming Business, you need to acquaint yourself with basic knowledge on;

Fish breeding,

water system in fishery,


health and medication, 

fish market sales,

fish pond,

pond fertilization and inoculation,

harvesting of fishes,

fish farming tools,

 fish breeds,

various fish feeds at each stages of growth and lots more, this things are not so difficult to understand, we already have many 18years old fish farmers in Nigeria that are making millions of naira from this livestocking business, you too can make profits in Fish Farming Business this year. 

If you are totally new to the idea of fish farming, you can click here to read useful information on Fish Farming.

Another beautiful aspect of fish farming is breeding new fishes ”fingerlings and juvenile”, with the huge demand for catfish, tilapia fish and other conventional fish breeds, most farmers area venturing into fish farming and this as make the fish experts to focus on producing new baby fishes which is what the fish farmers buy to breed to maturity.

[How Young Graduate Makes Million from Fish Farming]

One female Fish can have up to a million egg and it is easy to fertilize it, especially with the help of technology today, new fishes can be hatched within 24hours, with little efforts, now if you produce 500,000 fingerlings and you sell for #30 or #50 as the case maybe, you know how much you are going to make ?

Without having to breed much fishes? 

Subsequently I will be sharing on this blog How to breed new fishes artificially in 24hours period if you want to learn just remember to subscribe your email to this Blog.  

If you are seriously determined to be a successful fish farmer, you can reach out to fish farmers in your locality and am sure they will be of help, if you have more questions to ask you can send us a message using the contact box below.

  1. Rice Farming : This tend to be gaining much recognition among other kind of food/cash crops in Nigeria and it can be traced down to the banning of imported rice in Nigeria.     
    Rice as the highest demand in Nigeria Market today and it simply because almost every Family eats rice in a week, some daily; and lots more. Also rice is considered the best recipe for most of Nigeria Outings, ceremonies, celebration, anniversary and any kind of special gatherings. Having this understanding as a farmer will go a long way to help you make a right choice, The amazing fact I was able to draw from my market research on
    Rice Farming in Nigeria is that most times when the price of Rice goes in, it doesnt stop the demand from coming in more and more, I was really touched when  I heard this from rice farmers, this shows how lucrative the business is and how marketable it is as well, I recommend rice farming for anyone reading this post right now.

It is a worthy investment and return on investment is high, another law of agriculture “No resources is wasted” also works fine in rice farming, The Rice cob referred to as Rice Bran, is a covering on the rice and it is of huge benefit to livestocking farmers and feed manufacturers, which means as you make money from your rice farm; selling the rice, the by-product is also for sale so no waste product, can you imagine that?

  • I consider this an eye opening for everyone who wants to start farming for profits in 2016.

  1. Pig Farming : Nigerians who reside in Lagos State, Ogun State, Enugu State, Oyo State and some others I might not remember to mention here will surely testify that Pig farming is another bomb in the livestock farming Business in Nigeria, most people tends to live under the mindset that Pigs are dirty animals but they are not.     

Hog animals (pig) are one of the neatest creature it all depend on how you treat them, if there is one thing that makes Pig Lucrative is their prolificacy and good feed to meat conversion ratio. Pig are very prolific (they give birth to large numbers of piglets) and they have high fiber to meat conversion ratio which makes it possible for them to feed on large variety of feeds and still do well, Pigs are sold on kgs, and some goes up to #70,000 and even #150,000 as the case maybe.

[How she started her own Pig Farming Business and grow it Big to be self employ]

Most Nigeria pig farmers now earn foreign exchange from their Pig farm and this makes it so rewarding than most white-collar jobs that are non-existing out there.

  1. Cocoa Farming : Yeah! It seems modern farmers are closing their eyes to plantation agriculture and focusing on livestock alone but the true is, there are some high lucrative cash crop that are too good to be ignored and a good example is Cocoa.   

Cocoa at a time, as control the GDP and overall economy of Nigeria but the diversion from Agriculture to Oil today is taking away our vigor agriculturally.

However the wise and rich farmers are still investing into these areas as it is even more lucrative now that we have much brewery industry in Nigeria and the population is extremely on an increase.

The truth is; cocoa s not an option for subsistence farmers so if you are running a commercial farm holding, you can consider cocoa a good choice for your 2016 Business Plan.

Cocoa is not a get rich quick thing but with consistency and proper management you can make huge profits that will make your investment worthwhile.

  1. Low Fat and Cholesterol Animals Rabbit, Snails, GrassCutter” : Health mindful individuals are now on the outlook for meats that contains low fat especially the cholesterol fat which as caused so many unhealthy experience for so many people in due to this, white meat are getting more recognition day by day, and we dont seems to have much of them like the we have in the case of the Red Meat, but the few ones are helpful.      

Rabbit; particularly serves a good option in this case and it is making cool cash for rabbit farmers, the beauty of rabbit farming is having to spend so low on their feeds and feeding ad getting high return on the investment, Rabbit farming is ridiculously low in terms of capital investment so I recommend it for you to start  in 2016 and you can also make your profits.

Snail Farming : Snail is yet another white meat that is highly recommended by the health specialist for those who wants to loss some calories and stay healthier, 
snail contains ridiculously low fat that can be of good use to the body and for this reason many people are looking forward to buy snail in the market today, this is a wise choice for you to start; the best part is that you can run your own snail farm even while having other businesses in place, it does not require much investment to start-up and the return is huge.

GrassCutter :  Grasscutter is not a kind of common meat in the modern cities of Nigeria before but with the influence of technology and science that has made it possible to breed them in a confined and scientist/domestic atmosphere, most grasscutter lovers are now buying them for their meal and recipes.
Grasscutter Farmer

Grasscutter just like rabbits requires low investment to start up and low cost for feeding as they feeds on most domestic left over food, food stuffs, cereals, forages, some grasses and lots of their feed are handy and easy to get, Restaurants and hotels are also big time buyers of grasscutter meat and you can reach out to them and make your money even as a student or a government worker.

  1. Cassava Farming : Is it possible for Nigeria to do without cassava in our food recipes?
    Cassava Farm
    I really doubt it. Cassava is used for so many of our foods and also our industrial products. Cassava farmers as transformed from what they use to be into what they should be in the world of science and technology.

    I can say it 101 times cassava is one of the best farming business you can invest into in Nigeria today.
    cassava farming

Cassava has been one of the most important and useful agricultural product both as raw materials and also food product, earning foreign exchange from this business has been stable and even enhanced in Nigeria, thanks to the federal government, minister of Agriculture and the ministry of agric for various steps of enlightenment and agro education that has been put in place to improve production and help cassava farming in Nigeria. 

We now have products like Cassava Bread and lots more in Nigeria, I think cassava is going to have even more uses in the future than it does right now.
cassava bread
Cassava Bread

Cassava is applicable in many types of products such as foods, confectionery, sweeteners, glues, plywood, textiles, paper, biodegradable products, monosodium glutamate, and drugs. Cassava chips and pellets are used in animal feed and alcohol production.
See different types of food preparations: gari, fufu, lafun, kpokpogari, tapioca.

Planting cassava is not a rocket science, cassava can do well in almost all lands in Nigeria, Shonga Farm holdings in Ilorin Kwara State still produce the largest cassava supply in Nigeria.

If you have land you can start cassava farming and sell it locally to garri processing industry around.

  1. Oil Palm Plantation : I know this  is not a child play but it is still one of the most treasured cash crop in Nigeria presently, earning us foreign exchange for decades.
    Kernel from Oil Palm

If you have money to invest into Agriculture and you want to wait for your profits to build up on a large scale farming that can call in future opportunity and establish a commercial farm holding then oil palm is the best choice for you.
Oil Palm Plantation Field

East and western part of Nigeria are the best kind of soil for Oil Palm to do well and you can buy large expanse of land for this business and get good return on your invest, unlike before when oil palm take long to reach maturity, science and technology as changed everything and make life easier.

  1. Ruminant Animals Cattle, Goats, Sheep : If you are in the northern part of Nigeria then you will understand the power of this kind of business.

Someone who read my article last year on lucrative agric business contacted me that he needs Kalahari goats and I told him how he can get them in Nigeria, During our conversation I understand he stays in the north and he knows  how lucrative this animals sells, sheep for example sells faster than anything during the sallah period and this has been the target for the breeders, the beautiful thing about the ruminant  livestock business is that;
Sheep and Goat Breeding
you spend so low on feeding, and they are so rigid and suffer hard and diverse climatic conditions making them to be less prone to disease and health disturbances; a cattle sells for up #400,000 and above base on the size and some other factors, these are part of the ignored business that are making millions in Nigeria Agricultural industry, if you have time and capital you can invest and run your own farm holding in a modern style with an abattoir for processing meats and selling them, at a better price. 

If you don’t have the time to manage them you can employ the service of experts and you pay them on agreement terms.

I hope you have learnt new business ventures that can help you make profits in Agriculture this year?

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I am committed to helping you get better with your various businesses in the Agriculture industry and I recommend you sign in your Email to be receiving our future updates directly into your Inbox.

Remember to Bookmark this Page as I will be updating the list as the year goes by  and I want to believe I have been able to help someone figure out what he/she can do this year to be self-employed and empowered in 2016?

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    3. Hi Tolulope. ...your page is quite informative.
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