Introduction to Brown Beans Recipes Nutrition

Brown beans are abundantly cultivated by the majority of farmers in northern parts of Nigeria.
 Many varieties and species are available over a reasonably prolonged period. Cultivation and harvest seasons closely follow climatic conditions which vary largely from one part of the region (northern) to the other. 

This climatic variation affords us the opportunity of raw materials sourcing over an extended period. 
This explains why we have a good control over undue shortage of raw materials for more than two decades now.

We have a long standing relationship and understanding with many farmers for the procurement of the species of our choice. 

Image result for brown beans    Image result for brown beans

Healthy brown beans, weevils-free, free of harmful germicides residue, robust shape and of specified minimum moisture content are brought to our factory for processing.

The brown beans are destoned, dust and debris removed by a suitably controlled air current, sorted to remove defective and broken beans, cleaned to remove all foreign bodies. 

They are then packaged appropriately.
Brown beans are very rich in protein. Its high quality protein provides a healthy alternative for meat and other animal protein. Rich in soluble fiber which lowers blood cholesterol.

 Therefore, brown beans have high nutritional and medical values cheaply affordable by most families.
Can be cooked alone and served with any soup/sauce of your choice.

Protein Enrichment of Menus and Change of Taste Buds- Frequently cooked as a mixture as in beans and rice, beans and plantain, beans and yam and can be served with any soup/sauce of your choice.

Can be prepared as porridge directly or as a mixture.

The beans coat can be removed, milled and fried into ‘akara’ balls or ‘moin-moin’ commonly used as breakfast delicacy.

Can be peeled after soaking and cooked as peeled beans, then served with any soup/sauce of your choice. 

Available in 0.9kg, 1.8kg and 4.5kg sizes 

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