Best Poultry Fencing Option – Wire Vs Netting

Predators are one of the major challenges poultry owners’ faces and that is why it is necessary to put into considering an effective fencing option when designing your poultry farm. Poultry farmers in the UK and in other part of the world are always improvising on ways to keep foxes away from their poultry. 


The truth is that if foxes or other predators find their

 way into your poultry; they are likely going to keep coming until they eat – up all the available birds in your poultry.

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Consequently, if you are into poultry farming, much more than thinking of ways to expand your market, you should also make provision for ways to protect your birds from predators such as foxes, snakes, badgers, et al. 


As a matter of fact, your interest should be on how to install an effective poultry fencing system that can give you the guarantee that come rain or sun shine, the birds in your poultry will be well protected.


The major poultry fencing option available are Chicken Wire which is also known as rabbit wire in the market place and Chicken Netting. The choice you make on the best poultry fencing option that you want to use in your poultry farm will be largely dependent are some factors. Some of the factors to consider before choosing the right poultry fencing option are the kind of predators your birds will be exposed to, climatic condition of the location you intend building your poultry farm and also the geographical composition of your choice location.


Having stated some of the factors that can influence your choice of fencing option, now let us examine the two major options available:

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What is the Best Poultry Fencing Option?


1. Chicken Wire (Rabbit Wire)


If you are conversant with poultry farms, you will realize that most of them make use of chicken wire for fencing their poultry. Chicken wire happens to be stronger and a better option when predators like foxes, snakes and badgers, et al, are what you are going to be contending with. 


For ages, foxes and badgers are the major predators that poultry farmers in UK are contending with. 


They are always on – top of their games when it comes to preventing this predators from eating up their birds. As a matter of fact poultry farmers have started installing electrical wires to keep foxes away from their poultry.


The fact that foxes can scale fences that are as high as 5 ft makes it even more necessary to build your fence to be as high as 6 ft and also ensure that you bury the fence up to 6 inches or more in the soil. 


This is necessary because foxes and badgers are known to dig the ground to make way for easy passage.

 They pass underneath the ground to enter the poultry.


One good thing about running electric wire on your fence is that once a fox comes in and it receives electric shock they won’t want to come back again and they are likely going to communicate it to their fellow foxes. It is also very important to ensure that you make use of solid wood to run through the base of your chicken wire fence so that it will make it strong enough when subjected to pressure.


2. Chicken Netting


Another option for poultry fencing is chicken netting.


 This option is highly suitable in locations where the poultry farmers don’t get to contend with predators such as foxes and badgers. Chicken netting is not as strong as chicken wire (rabbit wire) and most poultry farmers make use of it when their major intention is to keep their birds from straying away from the parameter designed for them.


As a matter of fact, Chicken Netting is basically what is needed when the birds you have in your poultry are likely going to fly away if they have the opportunity.


 It is cheaper to construct and install chicken netting as against chicken wire (rabbit wire) fencing. It is important to state that you cannot electrify your chicken netting fence; hence it is not suitable when keeping predators at bay is your major aim.


 For instance a fox can reap the net apart with little or no resistance.


Whatever decision you make, just make sure that you design poultry fences in such a way that it may be easier for you to access your poultry.


 You would have to create an entrance (a door) and ensure that the door is well secured enough to prevent predators from breaking into your poultry.


In essence, the best poultry fencing option for you is solely dependent on the challenges that you are likely going to face in the location you choose to build your own poultry. That is why it is important to conduct your feasibility studies and also ask loads of questions from poultry owners around you.

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