Snail Farming vs Grasscutter: Which one is More Profitable?

Snail Farming vs Grasscutter: Which one is More  Profitable?

Grasscutter and snail is a hot cake in the agricultural sector of Nigeria today and the wise and smart ones as been able to detect and denote it before time, however there are a lot of controversies going on out there about which one is more profitable than the other, well I will be clearing your thoughts and shining light on the both in this post.

Really, the both farming “Snail and Grasscutter” are in high demand but there is still a little more difference, I have had my experience farming and running the two as a business in Nigeria and I have taken my observations and inference.

I receive lots of emails on from this Blog daily on various aspects of agriculture and most times I try to do justice and answer them but lately there has been more questions on which one is the most profitable venture between snails and grasscutter.
I must say most new farmers and people venturing into agriculture for the 1st time are always optimistic to know in details the market demand for a product but as an experience farmer, have come to understand it is not about the market strength alone, you must also put into consideration the start up capital, cost, management, maintainance, feeding amongst other things this is what will sum up together to determine how profitable a venture will be.

Snails and grasscutter both feed on grasses but there are some kind of concentrate feeds for them, they also feed on maize, vegetables, some specific kitchen waste and industrial waste from breweries and food companies “majorly for grasscutter”. 

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Snails and grasscutter makes a super great delicacy and they contain an extremely low cholesterol which makes them more delicious and good for both nutrition and health purpose, but with all sense of humility I will confidently say “market-wisely” there is more demand for grasscutter than snail.

There are some reasons why this is so, I will try and touch some of them for you to know.

Grasscutter before the time scientist systemic breeding use to be a bushmeat and most people are fond of it, making hunters always on the outlook for them in the bush to have them killed but if we continue this way, the entire grasscutter in Africa will soon go to extinct so the scientific way of confining them in hutches and cages at home makes it easy and possible for us to produce grasscutter all through the year and have more of it anytime we need them, as a matter of fact through experience, the percentage of order for grasscutter in the market today is so high that we can’t even meet it. 

Most eateries will ask if we can be supplying them on a weekly basis but the gestation period of grasscutter (5months) makes it almost impossible to have a weekly supply ready for buyers (eateries, hotels, clubs and food industry).

Apart from the fact that grasscutter is having a very high demand, it is also profitable in terms of price – 4 grasscutter (colony) sells for 35 to #40,000 so you know what it means if you can produce 10,000 to 20,000 grasscutters.

On the other side, snails are profitable too and of good demand but the gap is so high between the demand for grasscutter and snails.

So I can advise you to start grasscutter farming or you can start both snails and grasscutter farming and you will make your profit, another beautiful part of the business farming of snail and grasscutter is that it doesn’t cost much.

It doesn’t require so much from you in terms of feeding and this makes the farming easy because you are not spending so much.

 Following the release of FAO, that Nigerians are consuming a very low protein this makes the production of more animals as a source of animal protein very important to improve the diet of Nigerians and produce quality food for our Nation.

I hope you have gotten what you are looking for?

Kindly share your experience or drop your questions below.

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