4 Best Animals To Consider for Livestock Farming in Nigeria

In the world today, livestock farming as been prevailing over the years and since it is the only agricultural practice that promise a profound supply of meat –animal protein (which is a very important part f our diet daily), we have every reason to pay more attention to this kind of farming business.

The Business is so lucrative and the society cannot overlook the potency of it’s value in food production, take for instance; the case of Egg Production.  Billions of People eat Trillions of Egg Per day and this simply tells us there is a need for continuous supply and production of Egg, another reasonable example to support this idea is “milk” everyday we take milk to restore our health, nourish our body and do well in our daily activities and this simply tells a milk/dairy farmer there is a need for more, the world is in need of more, in this post I will be listing 4 Important animals you can consider for livestock farming so that as you are adding value to the food industry globally, you are also earning profits to carry on with your farm and make meaningful achievement out of your business.

4 Important Animals to Consider for Livestock Farming 

1.  Chicken : This one is what I call a ”done-deal” in livestocking business, no, the impact of chicken and poultry birds cannot be underrated at all, you can’t overlook it, this is only way egg production is made possible and the world cannot do without eating egg a day as it as majorly contribute to our daily diet and the industrial potential of egg cannot be taken with levity. If you are thinking of which animal to consider for your new livestock farming business then am assuring that chicken is a good option.

2. Cattle :
As much as this is not so many people’s choice and most people tends to run away from it, the truth is you can’t do without milk and the major producer of milk is cattle, I understand the fact that other animals like Sheep, Nigeria Dwarf Goat are also great milk producer but because of the body mass of cattle, it tends to produce greater volume of milk, and when we are talking about meat production, cattle are still the greatest and they tend to produce more meat than any other animal basically because of their body weight and the whole world depends on cattle for massive production of meat to feed large population like a state or country, the business of cattle farming is too lucrative to go down, it can never go down, though it takes time but gradually you will surely reap the reward and you can grow your farm to become the central farm with the largest meat production capacity especially when you bring in modern farming technology like abbatoir and the likes to enhance the process.

3.    Fish : Before I proceed, I must sincerely make this confession “I have actually eaten fish this morning” and to even add more, am going to eat more tonight for dinner so that simply tells you how valuable fish are in our diet, and fish seems to be the best alternative for beef andf chicken even some vegetarians prefer fish and when we go down  a little more into the health aspect then I can tell you fish is what we can’t do without, the less cholesterol effect and the red blood iron pigment nutrients are powerful body nourishing effects of fish and with this understanding there are more demand for fish; as a matter of fact globally, the demand for fish cannot be met so if you want to start a business and realize your profit in less than 8 months, then fish is a good option.

4.    Pig : Do you like pork meat?

I love Pork Meat its sweet, delicious, and it makes a perfect delicacy; I remember having lots of buyers from south Africa, and it got to an extend 20 pigs are off, we made so much sales on that day and the buyers are still in need of more, we had to contact other pig farmers to be able to meet the demand for pig by the buyers this is just a slight show of the lucrativity of pig farming in our word.

 In fact in the United State, the governments are massively investing into Pig Farming in other to empower the farmers and boost the farming, pigs are monogastric and thus; they tend to produce, grow and breed faster than other animals and this is a selling point for pig farmers.

 Pig Farming does not require much capital to start and you can make huge profit if you get it right; there are many free information on the web today to help you get started and make massive progress.

Am sure you have gotten some new bright business Ideas from this article?

If you have any question, you can drop them and I will be back to reply them.

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