7 Steps to Produce High Feed Efficiency In Poultry

1. Adequate feeding space should be provided at all times, ensuring that about 75% of the birds can feed at the same time.
2. Feeders should be well designed with lips to prevent feed wastage.
3. Feeders should be filled to not more than ½ full capacity.
4. Feeders should be properly hung, ensuring that the level of feeders correspond to the back of the chicken and activate the feed in the feeders regularly with the hands.

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5. To avoid feed contamination and wastage, rat population should be constantly kept low.
6. Attendants should minimize feed spillage during the process of serving feed to reduce wastage.
7. Do not store feeds for too long or in damp places, otherwise they can become mouldy.

If there is any need to change from one type of feed to another it should be done gradually because chickens respond adversely to an abrupt switch over from one type of feed to another. 

This can be done spanning a period of about four days. The change can be effected by gradually increasing the quantity of the new feed to be changed to while there is corresponding decrease in the quantity of the
feed currently in use.

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