Cassava Farming and Processing

The money in the Cassava.

From the laptop of a Happy Farmer:
The truth is *Farmers are happier now than ever. No time have we experienced years where we enjoy support from authorities like the current administration. I’m not a big fan of any political system but with the current state of the sector(Cassava) things are improving by the day.
If you would look in the Agriculture direction like me and many others who have overcome financial struggles by venturing into AgriBusiness rather than join the list of unemployed graduates, you will soon have testimonies to share.
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You don’t need Multi-Millions To Start.
That has been proven overtime that farming (Cassava Farming) is one of the easiest for anyone to venture into with minimal cash.
3 Ways to Profits in Cassava Business.

Opportunity 1

Cassava Profit Profile
Selling Price: up-to-N18,000 Per ton.
Scenario 1:
Normal/Common breed: This will give a yield of about 10 tonnes per hectare. But you shouldn’t go for that. Most farmers don’t go for this type anymore since there are other varieties that brings high yield within 11-13Months.
Cassava can stay up to 2 years without you Harvesting it.
(So its a safe business)
Scenario II:
Yield/Hectare: 20-25tonnes.
Rough Estimated Turnover: 20 x N15,000  = N300,000 (Raw Tubers)
Scenario III:
There are new varieties of Cassava developed in Nigeria through a
collaborative effort between (IITA) and (NRCRI) and These varieties performs well in different cassava production regions of Nigeria with ‘High yield’, ‘High Dry Matter’ and ‘Good Disease Resistance’
Potential maximum yield of the two
varieties is between 49 and 53 tonnes per hectare (Under an ideal situation)
Using the new Cassava Variety: Realistic Expected Yield is about 20-25tons
25 x N25,000 = N625,000
With your expected TurnOver of about N.6m all you have to do is Spend time or Spend money in cultivating your farmland. The running cost is not always much.

Opportunity II

Cassava Processing:
You can turn the same 20-25 tonnes harvest into a Gold-mine again if you want to.
There are many products that is derived from Cassava…Gari (Modern Gari for Export), Chips, Tampioca, Fufu(odorless), etc.

These are Mega Money Making Venture that yield very fast. With value added to the same produce, you sell @ higher price N100,000-N120,000 per ton of processed cassava.
N120,000 x 30tons =N3.6m turnover
There are equipment that can produce between 1ton – 25tonnes of Flour, Gari, Fufu, Chips per day.
And the fixed and variable cost are minimal with modern technology.

Opportunity III

Cassava Export.
Cassava Money:
All of a sudden, Cassava Farming has become a Goldmine.
Cassava Farmers are now smiling. I’m also a Happy Farmer.
What About Me?
Let me tell you a little about me.
I’m a Graduate of Accounting with great passion for Making Money.
I have searched over the years and tried many businesses. And I’ve come to settle for AgriBusiness.
After struggling with Businesses that requires Millions as starts-up (I used to think it’s the big money that makes one rich)…I later found out that, what makes a successful farmer is Knowledge, experience and Hardwork…(Not really Money)
After spending more than 10 years acquiring skills, market research and operation in Agribusiness, I have discovered these Facts:
* You don’t need big money to start. You can start with lesser capital compared to other products and still make the estimated turnover. But, with discipline(Money management and delayed gratification), you can go into Mechanised Farming in less than 5 years. If you will always re-invest your Profits, you will be great.
* You will have government’s backing when you’re ready for mechanised farming if you can start small.
Hear this, Millions of people blame the Government for not providing jobs, but I can tell you that you say that because you do not have access to the right Information.
I really do not think Nigerian Farmers have so much enjoyed lots of support from the government like the current administration. There are many things such as tools, research, loans, seeds(high yield) which the GOVT provide for free or very little money.
I speak with facts: Did you miss this? It was all over the news 2012/2013 on major newspapers in Nigeria.
Cassava farmers are on the increase with this amazing market boom.
* Many firms and small companies provide financial support for farming.
* Insurance: There is also provision for Insurance. There is protection for your farm produce in case of Perils. There is also provision for this through Agric Insurance.
The problem I discovered with Youths and people not in the sector is Pride. *Many do not consider Farming to be Prestigious* Everybody wants the Bank job, Oil and gas, etc
Let me give you a shocker.
There are many farmers who never saw the 4 walls of a university making massive money.
Some of them have their wards studying abroad and they pay their school fees from here with the profits from farming.
I ask, How many people in the banking, Oil and Gas sector do that conveniently and without loans?
The benefits I have experienced overtime.
* Low Risk
* High Profit
* Value for time spent.
Detailed Testimonial by Cassava Farmers: It was all over the newspapers
Curled from PremiumTimes Newspaper,
“Mr. Ogunsade, who is also the Southwest Chairman of the association, said at Imesi-Ile in Obokun Local Government Area on Thursday, that the development had paved way for growers of the product to make impressive gains in six months.
He said the development had changed the fortunes of cassava farmers and allowed them access funds for the expansion of their farms; acquire inputs and other incentives for farm management.Farmers in Osun state sold no fewer than 35,000 tonnes of cassava tubers from January to date with one ton of cassava tuber now goes for N25,000 compared to N10,000 in 2012.“The greater demand for cassava tubers by local industries coupled with high demand for cassava chips outside the country is responsible for the price increase.
“What is happening now is an opportunity for able-bodied Nigerians, irrespective of status, to invest in the sector so as to increase production and meet both national and international demand.
“Investment in the sector is lucrative with no risk”
Massive Opportunity in Cassava Farming
With the cassava expansion programme by the federal govt to produce 1m tonnes of cassava yearly for export to China, you can always smile to the bank.
Commercial Farming.
So many people want to start a farm but do not have the either of these essential tools to make it work:
1. Time
2. Knowledge (Up-to-date)
3. Marketing
1. Create the Time to Start and supervise your day-to-day farm activities. Or Give it to Farm Management Companies. This is one of the most effective system that ensures your consistent profits.
2. Acquire the knowledge. (Up-to-date knowledge about cassava) Like Seminars, Trainings, conferences, Hands-on training.
3 Marketing: The market is big but farmers are very few. Many youths still consider farming not prestigious. Those who go into it make the big money.
With our assistance, you will be able to sell your produce. It’s the easiest with our marketing system in place.
For Investors interested in Cassava Farming, we provide a Comprehensive Feasibility Study, Marketing research, business plan on, Practical Hands-on-Training/Field Training in Cassava cultivation, Gari processing, Cassava Chips, High Quality Cassava Flour, etc.
Or Investors can opt for any of the options.
Due To The Numerous Calls I have recieved on How To Start and Manage Cassava Business, I have decided to Answer ‘Most Bugging Questions on My Other A web portal dedicated to the study of AgriBusiness as a whole.

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