Effective Tips to Market your Poultry Eggs to Customers

Sales Marketing Poultry Eggs: Sell Profitably

In developing countries, where egg production is low, eggs are easily packaged and distributed without any preparation before consumption apart from cooking the product in one way or another. In some countries, populations will not consume fertilized eggs-whereas in other countries, fertilized eggs are preferred. These preferences should be considered when eggs are being prepared for sale. To maximize income, an egg farmer must ensure that his maximum supply of egg coincides with the minimum supply of eggs from local sources. With rapid expansion in the poultry industry, it is very easy to go from a deficit to a
surplus supply and if large amounts of capital are put into poultry production, it would be easy for farmers producing these eggs to go bankrupt.

Therefore, a careful assessment of the likely market, the changing market and changes in other farmers’ levels of production should be put into consideration before committing large capital on developing poultry units.

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