Fish Farming: Should You Feed Your Catfish with Bread?

Wasted Bread for Livestock feeds

Hello Farmers, so last week on our farmers group on whatsapp, a friend ask this question but i was very much busy as at then so i could not provide an answer for him there but i have decided to do that here, since he is going to see it here and every other farmers will also be able to access the information on my site.

So the question here is; 

Should You Feed your Fish with Bread?

Though this question might sound kinda funny, but to be realistic, Bread naturally is not a kind of fish feed naturally but i assume the person that asked this question is a beginner farmer at fish farming so i will just do justice to provide an answer.

Fishes don't eat anything that contains "salt" because a little drop of salt into the fish pond can actually kill the whole fishes within the shortest period of time.

So why would you want to kill your fishes?

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So the answer is No!

Don't ever feed bread to your Fishes, but in Ilorin there is a way we do feed bread to our fishes and it harms them not, would you like to know the procedure?

Normaly we get dry and wasted breads from bread factories like Butterfeed Backery and feed them to our fishes, naturally this breads are wasted in the factory they are not edible for humans again so all we do is get them at their hard forms and soak in water for like 3days, then it becomes very soft and start growing some algae and we all understand that this is very good for fishes as the organisms that are growing on the bread are also phytoplanktons - edible for catfish and other fishes, so by then the bread would have lose it salt effect, because with salt still in the bread, it can never grow any algae and phytoplanktons so when you see them growing, it means the effect of the salt in the bread as been neutralized.

I hope someone finds this very useful?
If you have further questions on fish farming, you can drop them below i will surely answer them.

If you want to get started with fish farming, click here to read a useful information on that.


  1. Cat fish eats anything, even human waste. But not everything is good 4 its proper growth, bread is 1 of them. There are lot of different type of things u can feed ur cat fish & cut cost on feed. Have u tried Tarmites (adult isoptera)? Very good source of nutrients. Easy to harvest @ night, after rainfall.

  2. I have been in this business for a while,what salt does is reduce body weight of fish.i apply salt on my water steady when my fishes re small to prevent disease outbreak

  3. salt can only kill them if used in excess and secondly if applied on the fish skin salt can only kill them if used in excess and secondly if applied on the fish skin in the open air without waterin the open air without water


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