Poultry Battery Cage For Sale In Nigeria Cheap

Poultry Battery Cages can be fabricated as:

           Single tier battery cages single sided
           Single tier  battery cages double sided
           Two tier  battery cages single sided
           Two tier  battery cages double sided
           Three tiers  battery cages single sided
           Three tiers  battery cages double sided

Tiers more than three can be provided with either elevated platform or movable stand to allow attendant to reach to the higher tiers

Battery cages can be slanted to allow for drops of manure directly to the floor

Battery cages can also be straight, vertical design whereby manures are dropped in trays, which are removed and cleaned; this allows more cages in the poultry than the slanted type.

To reduce the burden of cleaning, conveyors can be installed in place of tray, which are easily cleaned at the ends.

For those who intend to sell or make use of the manures on farms, Drying means can also be provided in form of air supply directly on to the wastes, getting rid of odor and drying them at the same time, this could be applied on trays or conveyors.

Position of feeder and drinkers on the battery cages can be adjusted to suit growing chicks.

Poultry Battery Cages can be for LAYERS, BROILERS, COCKERELS and other types of birds.

Poultry Battery Cages are provided in the following sizes:
4 feet (1.2 m) length with 2 compartments
6 feet (1.8 m) length with 3 compartments
8 feet (2.4 m) length with 4 compartments
Each compartment is 400mm(H) x 400mm(D) x 600mm(L).
Custom sizes of battery cages can be built to suit space provided, but it is advisable that lengths more than eight feet be split into two or more unit to prevent sagging due to birds weight at the middle.

Eggs roll out easily from the battery cages for collection.
Drinkers and feeders for the battery cages are made of plastic with adjustable hangers.

In the battery cage system, the chickens are kept in cages where their movement is restricted and three chickens occupy a cubicle.Their droppings drop to the floor beneath the cages so the chickens have no direct contact with their feces.Thus,much reduced health risks and much less expenditure on vaccines.

The farmer can easily do a stock count of the chickens and the chickens will not have access to the eggs.The eggs will roll out of their reach after laying.

Further,it is much easier to feed the chickens and provide water as these will be poured into their feeders and drinkers attached to the battery cages.

Therefore,wastage of feed is much more reduced unlike in the dry or deep litter system.

The battery cage is better suited as the egg production is higher than in the deep litter because movement is restricted which makes the chickens conserve their energy for increase in production levels.

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