Poultry Farming vs Fish Farming: which one is more Profitable?

Poultry Farming vs Fish Farming: which one is more Profitable?

I have gather experiences from both farming within a period of not lesser than 4years and I can say I know whole lot on both farming system, I understand the farming requires a whole lot of things but really in this article I will be focusing more on the Market Standard and profitability of the two farming venture.

Poultry and Fish are two farming business in the livestocking industry that are trending massively and this is what has prompted me to write about this two growing farming businesses.

I believe majority of farmers in Africa especially Nigeria that are massively into livestock farming on a commercial basis are either into poultry farming or fishery or even both as the case maybe, this can be traced to the fact that the both farming as huge market demand and lots of profit can be made; most new investors are not actually passionate agriculturists but those that wants to make profit on the basis of investment and return.

 These two livestock farming business are great ventures but i want to share my own experience with the two especially poultry farm and why it is more lucrative.

Poultry is super easy to start, and with little fund, you can start your own poultry farm business in Nigeria, but in the case of fish it is not so.

Also you will agree with me that you can actually keep poultry at the back of your house or in a field setting, but almost every where but if you really want your fish farm business to flourish as expected the best system to implore is natural earthen fish pond so that naturally tells you that you need a water logged area or a good water holding loamy soil to run fish farm business successfully.

I see people building fish pond using concrete and trampoline but they don't know what they are missing untill they use a natural fish pond dug into the ground without any cement, just natural soil which is originally the natural habit of fish as an aquatic habitat.

So in management, and housing poultry seems easy; i am not saying fish farming is bad, no! I am just doing a little comparism here, 

I must confess the market for poultry and fish are huge, infact its so difficult to accurately figure out which is the greatest, but i am telling you for both there s a huge market, infact if you produce fish worth 1 million today, you will get buyers today, as long as you are connected to the right hand-money buyers.

So now i will just conclude by saying; learn and understand, determine which of the two actually attracts your interest before you invest your money, the both have good ROI and market strength but you must know it well, and master it so as to have success on the longrun,

If you have any further question, drop them below.

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