Starting Cassava Farming Business: as a Profitable Venture in Nigeria

I will be telling my own personal success story in cassava farming business on this post.
I believe if you take the step I took to make money, you will surely have the same good result i do have with cassava farming business.
In Nigeria, there is lot to be made in this business. 

To make money in this business, you have to do it differently from how many people are involved in the production of this crop.
Two things will determine the success of your cultivation; timely weeding and timely harvesting.
I did the weeding four times and harvest at the 11th month after planting.
I wish I had cultivated more than 5 hectares of farmlands in that area.


I will be showing you the step by step guide of how I made lots of money cultivating cassava and what I did to make over 1.5Million in cultivating 5 hectares of land in just 11 months.

If you are an employee who is underpaid, dissatisfied, with your present job and you want to become self-employed;

a graduate who is tired of writing application letters and want to stand out of the ever increasing job-seeking graduate queue in Nigeria with an immediate desire to acquire new skills which will surely position you for an instant self-employment;

a civil servant who is not satisfied with the end game of politicians and government who promise to keep money for you until you retire, but anytime you see retirees waiting endlessly for gratuity and other benefits, you fear for your future and you want to learn how to start a part time business to complement your monthly salary.

You are a business man, who wants to diversify your business by establishing multiple streams of income

A full time house wife or a single mother who wants to stay at home with her kids/kid and still make money?

Whatever your status is, you need a requisite skills and professional mentoring to succeed which we provided at an affordable fee and for the busy executive;

we offer farm management services at an affordable fee. 
Knowledge and information is very important in any agribusiness to be ventured into.

You will need this information will empower you to tap into the immense business opportunities right here in Nigeria; this is a great opportunity for you.

Now let’s begin
To succeed in any business, you have to give and pay attention to details. I make sure I put down the expected expenses and expected profit to be realized from this venture.

All expenses were categorize according to the stages of production; stage 1 up to stage 5; Stage 1 consist of land lease, land preparation, improved stems to be planted,
Stage 2 consist of fertilizer application, the 1st weeding; stage 3,stage 4 and stage 5 have the 2nd weeding,3rd weeding and 4th weeding respectively (it also includes harvesting and transportation)
The budgeted cost of production looks like this;

Stage 1
Landlease 7,000
1st ploughing 7000
2nd ploughing 7,000
Improved stems @350/bundle 21000
(60 bundles required for 1 hectare)
Planting 8000

Stage 2
1st weeding 9000
NPK@1800/litre (2litres required)3,600

stage 3
2nd weeding 9000
Urea @1500/litre 3000

Stage 4
3rd weeding 9000
harvesting 5000
Total cost= 88600
Income (20,000*25tons)= 500,000

Although there was some changes in the budgeted cost of production when the operations started, the cost of production after cultivation looks like this;

Stage 1
Land Lease 7,000

1st ploughing 7,500 (November 1)
The first,second and the third pictures were the 1st ploughing done by the agroservices centre
because the season of cassava was almost over,i had to tip the operator extra 500 Naira to motivate him to do a faster and good job(land preparation started november 2013).

2nd Ploughing 7000 (November 14,2013)
two weeks after i did the 1st ploughing
fourth picture was taken after the 2nd ploughing was done

Cassava farming is too lucrative to be ignored, but the funniest thing is that it is only those who are into the farming that understand how it works and how much any one can make from it,  i strongly recommend cassava farming for anyone looking for lucrative agricultural business to start, nigeria is filled with many opportunity to do in anything and yet most of these opportunity are not explored, don't be fallow, try something today.


  1. good information

  2. Great, this will make a difference to rural communities

    1. Absolutely Mr Richard, you are very correct.

  3. Hi, nice information about starting cassava farming business. Thanks to share with us good information.

  4. Nice information here. But I don't do weeding up to four times on mine usually it's twice. I also don't do ridges for planting. I plant directly after burning the cleared bushes. I need you to help me identify how to measure hecter. I usually use acre for example 2-5 acres of land. What's the difference between acre and hecter?


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