How to Produce Catfish Fry and Fingerlings in Nigeria

The name of the house where fry is are being produce is called HATCHERY. The best name for fingerling is FRY.
Fertilization in fish take place externally. In which the foetus is developed in female organism. In male fish, the sperm will come outside to fertilize the laid eggs of the female fish. The female fish attract the male ones to itself. The fertilized eggs became the fry. As it happens in frogs so also it happens in fish.


After the construction of both earthen and concrete pond, then water is expected to be introduced i.e. impound followed by fertilization by using the waste product from the poultry. The faeces or drops from the poultry is put into a bucket and mixed with water. After all this processes photosynthesis will occur and som plants will grow inside the water. And when both grows together the water becomes green then you bring in the fry.

There are two methods of transportation of fry they include 
1. open method
2. close method 


This is a means of transporting the fry in a close method. The fry are put into sack with close mouth , if the fry are being taken from a far distgance then the use of oxygen is highly necessary in order to keep the fry alive i.e. you put the water inside the sack, and this will give them oxygen

This is a way of exposing the fry into an open space, the fry are put under a container, the water under this container needs to be continuously changed if the site of farm is far from the source. Allow the water to touch the fish and do not allow the water to become hot

Note: before putting the fry into the pond introduce them into the water first.

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