Poultry Egg Production, Distribution And Consumption Analysis in Nigeria

Poultry egg has assumed industrial, commercial and nutritional importance in Nigeria. Despite the importance, poultry farmers still face several problems. This study was conducted in Nigeria examined the status of poultry egg production, distribution and consumption. The egg production and distribution in the study area were profitable statistically at 1 per cent level of probability. Egg consumption per household was estimatedat 1.83 crates per month. This implies that in a household of more than one person, individual consumed less than one egg per day; which is inadequate.

Income level was a common determinant of egg production and consumption in the area. Egg distribution was negatively affected by cost of transportation. It was recommended that, for every household to consume adequate quantity of poultry eggs at affordable price, productivity in poultry egg production has to be improved through the use of quality feeds and chicks and efficient management practices. 

Poultry farmers and households consuming poultry eggs need to be enlightened on how to diversify their economic activities to boost their level of income for improving the production and consumption of poultry eggs. The egg traders should identify short distance markets for the distribution of their product, in order to cut down the transportation cost.

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