11 Incredible Uses of Honey

 If the only time you pull out the honey jar is to sweeten tea, there are literally dozens of uses for honey that you are missing. From healing cuts to moisturizing skin, honey is one pantry staple that should always be on hand.
Here are just a few uses for honey in one's daily life...
  • Dab a bit of honey on a cut before bandaging to prevent the scab from sticking. It will also help give the cut an antibacterial/antiseptic boost.
  • Use as a cough syrup for anyone over age 1. Many doctors recommend honey as a cough suppressant before a commercial cough syrup.
  • Take 1 tablespoon orally per day to reduce/ relieve acid reflux.
  • Use honey as a moisturizing face mask, or combine with sugar or salt to make a moisturizing body scrub. You could also try this recipe for a Sugar Honey Scrub - it makes a thoughtful and wonderful gift.
  • Gargle with a combination of honey and lemon to soothe a sore throat.
uses for honey
  • Condition your hair with a teaspoon of honey added to your normal conditioner or shampoo.
  • Dot honey onto a blemish to get rid of acne faster.
  • Substitute honey for white sugar in baking. For every cup of sugar a recipe calls for, replace it with 3/4 cup of honey. 
  • Instead of energy gels or drinks, pop a tablespoon of honey while working out to replenish minerals and give a boost of energy.
  • Battle (and win!) a case of intestinal parasites by taking a mixture of vinegar, water, and honey daily.
  • Soothe inflammation from a burn with honey by applying it topically.
When using honey internally, it is a much better choice than white sugar in many cases because of its high mineral content. Honey is a source of folate, iron, manganese, potassium, and magnesium. And while it is primarily glucose, it doesn't raise blood sugar as quickly as white sugar does. Honey is definitely a pantry staple in my house!

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