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With the reducing price of crude oil in the international market, the
Nigerian government is taking increasing measures to further diversify

the country's economy and cease to make it totally dependent on oil
alone. Crude Oil prices are always oscillating, thus putting the
Nigerian economy in an unstable state.

 Agriculture is the alternative
the government is working on today.
 And the federal government has
actually taken steps to encourage agric farming in the country. By
lowering duties on agricultural appliances and removing taxes on agric
products, the government has offered sufficient incentives for all
Nigerians to take advantage of agriculture. 

FarmerGiant Ibadan

recognizes this and has therefore plunged into the poultry aspects of
the agricultural revolution in the country to offer farmers state of
the art equipment for farming.
 The following are the products we sell.

1. State of the art Bird Cages.

# Has a 120 bird capacity.

# Has 30 units within it which 4 birds can occupy.

# Each unit has a water nipple from which birds could drink.

# Ease of disposing waste, as bird dropping fall to the ground.
# Strong, durable and beautiful, with a 25 year warranty on each.

2. State of the Art Incubator


3. Day Old Chicks.

Image result for farmergiant

Image result for farmergiant

4. Point of Lay

Image result for farmergiant

5. Defeathering Machine

6. Automatic Bell Drinkers

We also draw out poultry business plan at very affordable rates and we
offer free consultancy to our customers.

Contact Us:
Tel: 07065254425
Whatsapp: 07065254425

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