How To Cultivate Pawpaw Plantation


Pawpaw (Carica papaya) farming business is a lucrative business to invest into, because growing pawpaw does not require huge capital, but it yields enormous profit.
Pawpaw cannot be transplanted because it is a fragile plant, if it pass through any form of stress, the roots becomes weak and would not grow well to give good return on investment. The best way to plant pawpaw is to plant the seeds directly in the soil (plantation).
Steps to pawpaw farming business
  • Climatic condition: the first thing to consider in site selection is the climatic condition, because pawpaw is a tropical plant and will not thrive well in any other climatic condition.
  • Land: Get a suitable land to plant the pawpaw seed.
  • Prepare the land (clear the bush and burn it).
  • Get good specie of pawpaw seed.
  • Dig holes of about 1cm deep and put 5 to 6 seeds into each holes and cover it, so you can be sure at least one seed will germinate.
  • Plant the seeds with proper spacing (4 to 5metres away from each other).
  • It takes 14 to 21 days for seeds to germinate. If all the seeds in each holes germinates, reduce the germinated seedling by transplant them.
  • Weed the plantation after 8 to 9 weeks. Do not throw away the debris; allow it to rot on the soil, because it will serve as natural fertilizer to the land.
  • Apply fertilizer to plants (do not apply excess fertilizer).
  • Continue to maintain the plantation.
  • Before it is ready for harvest, you have to get your marketing channel ready.
This is a good business enterprise.
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