How To Make Good Profits from Poultry Business

After beef, the meat consumed during parties, ceremonies and festive periods in Nigeria is poultry meat. Although cattle meat and poultry meat are on the competitive line, as poultry meat occupies the first position during festive periods, especially during Christmas and Easter. Even researchers recommend the consumption of white meat, which happened to be a class of meat that poultry meat belongs to.

 Furthermore, it has been discovered that red meat (beef, chevon, mutton, etc.) are not good for human health due to the presence of cholesterol (causes cardiovascular diseases and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease) in them. So, the alternatives available are fish and poultry.

Now imagine the massive increase in the consumption of poultry meat and eggs, what did you foresee? I foresee a means of making a lot of money from raising chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, and quails.
Let me tell you, from statistics, poultry production in Nigeria is very low. I carried out a personal survey to find out the numbers of poultry farms in Nigeria (operating in small, medium, and large scale) and I discovered that very few poultry farms (an average of 10) are available in each state in Nigeria. No wonder, people still import frozen poultry product, even eggs into the country.
Why? Obviously, it is because the local production in the country is very low. No doubt, the demand for poultry products in Nigeria is very high—both for meats and eggs.
I’m telling you all these to open your eyes to the money-making potential in poultry production. Stop relying on another man’s business to survive. You need to start your own business, be an employer of labor, and be part of those people who are boosting the economy of Nigeria.
Funny enough, Nigeria politicians are into poultry farming enterprise. So don’t think agriculture is generally a dirty business. What will you call white-collar job then?
I call it ‘modern slavery’ where you don’t have enough time for your own activity.
 You get controlled by your boss. He or she dictates how you will spend your money—of course, you depend on your monthly salary—and how you spend your time.
how tomake money from poultryThis particular article is meant to campaign for the poultry farming sub-sector of Nigeria’s Agricultural sector. You and I need to invest in poultry farming. For Christ’s sake, poultry business is a lucrative business. Go to the market and ask for the price of one crate of eggs. Don’t forget to branch at a nearby meat dealer to ask for the price of a live chicken. You will see that you are really missing out of the money making venture.
I hope you have now understood all I’ve been saying?
 If not, gently go back to the beginning of this article and read all over again.

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