Pig Feed Essential Nutrients and Facts

Beyond reasonable doubt, feed are one part of pig farming that cannot be handle with levity if success must be achieved n pig farming.

Pigs been a monogastric animal are sophisticated feeders and they consume, almost every domestic, edible and fresh quality feeds of other livestock. 

However there are specific growth enhancing feeds for pigs and especially the piglets, it is very important that we note the kind of feeds we administer to pigs when they are yet young because it greatly affect their growth when they are older.
Piglets feeds on mother’s breast milk for 4-5weeks after birth and one of the most vital nutrient is the one they extract from 3 to 5days after birth, these breast milk is called “colostrum” and it facilitates their growth greatly and also builds natural immunity for them against the odd conditions of their new environment.

Female pigs under pregnancy “in-sow” and those that just gave birth are expected to be placed on a proteinous diet and monitored with absolute tidy environment and sufficient water for drinking and a quiet habitation for proper growth and healthy gestation experience.

Pig feeds are not really necessarily supposed to be concentrate alone, but it depends on the farmers decision and the farm manager’s opinion but if you are not so acquainted with feed management, you can reach a specialist and a farm manager to put you through; normally the protein content of pig feeds are to be increased to 18% when they are in gestation period and the same thing goes for the sow after paturation has been achieved.

The strength of piglets largely depends on the kind of feeds they have access to, so proper feed for in-sow and piglets can largely help your pig farm grow greatly.

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