The Mellow Alpaca Temperament

Are you considering buying alpacas?
 Have you ever wondered what they are like as pets? 
Alpacas are naturally kind and gentle animals, making them great to have as pets. 

Since they are easy-going, social creatures, they usually welcome human interaction. Alpacas enjoy being petted and are even safe for children to interact with. 
Since alpacas are herd animals, they are happiest when they get to be around other alpacas. 

Affectionate and Docile

Alpacas won’t destroy fences or try to escape, and they get along with each other and other animals as well. 
Their mellow nature makes them easily trainable and fun to be around. 
As with any pet, once they learn you are the person who takes care of them, they will feel more connected and comfortable with you. 
This trust will make them even more affectionate and willing to bond. 

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There are rare occasions when an alpaca can become hostile, usually when a parent and baby alpaca are separated, or due to being mishandled by humans, which can lead to Berserk Male Syndrome. This is a syndrome in which alpacas feel threatened by humans, and don’t trust them anymore. Through discipline training, this syndrome can be fixed. 

An angry alpaca will display signs such as staring at you, flipping its tail up over its back, and may even make a loud shrieking sound as a warning. Even when angry, these sweet-natured creatures are not likely to cause very much harm. Alpacas don’t bite, and their feet are softly padded, so even if they were to kick, it wouldn’t hurt. 

They also tend to move away if they feel threatened, but it is a good idea to keep your distance if an alpaca is angry. Creating space will ensure your safety and it will help to calm the alpaca. 

A Healing Presence

Again, hostile behavior is rare with alpacas since they are born with a loving and docile demeanor. Their fun and kind personalities are a joy, and some people find their presence to be healing. Alpacas have even been used as therapy animals, and have been brought to nursing homes for the elderly to pet. Of course, having your own alpacas will allow you to take some time everyday to relax and de-stress after a long day. 

If you are interested in purchasing an animal that not only provides incredibly versatile fiber but a lovely, docile temperament pleasing to young and old alike, look no further than the alpaca. Visit a local farm to meet a few alpaca and experience their gentle nature for yourself!

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About the Author:

The Alpaca Group has over fifteen years of experience with raising and breeding alpacas. 
They operate on a 47 acre farm in Ridgefield, Washington. 
They have over 200 alpacas with diversified bloodlines and colors that are sure to make you fall in love with alpacas.
The Alpaca Group focuses their breeding program on the fiber of their alpacas. Fineness, shearing weight, and uniformity are a few of the most important values to them and their breeding program which is backed by scientific testing results.

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