12 Major Challenges of Food and Agriculture in Nigeria


Nigeria is One of the Most Highly Blessed Nations in Africa.

 That She has not been able to Solve, even Her Own Problems of Food and Agriculture is a Matter of Very Great Concerns. 

Anyhow, if you would like to be on the Full know of the Major Problems Of Food Production In Nigeria, then you have come to the Right Source.

 Here, in this Post are 12 of Nigeria's Major Problems Of Food and Agriculture, and they include:

1. Poverty

In today's Nigeria, one of the Major Problems of Food Production is Poverty. 

On the other hand, one of the Simplest and a Doubtless Truth that you can easily Know about Nigeria is the fact that over 75% of Her Rural Dwellers are Full-time Farmers. 

Another Doubtless Truth that you can also Discover there is that Nigeria's present inability to, even Solve Her Own Problems of Food and Agriculture, is not as a Result of Her Peoples' Laziness; or say a Matter of the Nation being Naturally Unblessed. Nigerian Farmers and Nigerians in general are really Hard-working and Industrious. 

A very Great Variety of Delicious Species of Organic Foods, Fruits, Vegetables and Cash-crops abound in the Country. In fact, the Nation is so Highly Blessed, and there are very large Acres of Fertile Agricultural Lands all around the Country. 

But to me, Nigerians honestly are not really lacking Food. What they really lack there is the money to buy the Food; the money to Produce the Food; and, or even the money to procure small Piece of Land to Grow the Food.

2. Ignorance

Nigeria of today is a Country where Agriculture is 
still greatly and relatively Undermined; and or even 
Over-looked as a mere " Back-yard Business ". 
Some Nigerian Youths even regard Farming as:
" An Odd Job that is meant only for the Illiterate 
Rural People ".
In the eyes of some of Nigeria's Wealthy Class,
Farming is, Ignorantly Underrated or Abhorred as:
" Poor Peoples' Job ".
The very worst is that the Governments in Nigeria
Are, pretentiously doing very little or nothing in 
Terms of Solving the Nation's Food and Agricultural 

3. Illiteracy

The greatest number of Dedicated Full-time
Farmers in Nigeria can neither Read nor 
Write. The Local Farmers there are even as
Uninformed as they lack Modern Agricultural 
The climax of illiteracy there, is Nigeria's 
Total Negligence and, or Her Non-usage of Native
Languages in the Nation's Pursuits for Modern
Education. For in this Modern World, People that 
still Studies in Foreign Languages have not really
started Learning. And this Level of Illiteracy and 
Unawareness do often Constitute some serious Set-
backs, even in Nigeria's Food Production Efforts.

4. Use Of Manual Farm Tools / Methods

Do you know that the Average Nigerian Farmer is
still making use of only the same Out-dated Manual
Farm Tools - like Cutlass and Hoe - as their Fore-
fathers used since many Centuries ago?. 
Do you also know that instead of using some
Affordable Modern Agricultural Techniques or
Simple Machines; the Farmers in that part of the
World have Changelessly, Adhered to various 
Archaic Agricultural Methods and Practices that 
were Copied from their Ancestors?. 
In short, their use of these kinds of Archaic and 
Out-dated Tools and Techniques, constitutes a very 
great set-back in the Country's Food and 
Agricultural Out-puts.

5. Lack Of Road; Water; & Electricity
The Rural Farming Communities in Nigeria have
neither Road nor Water nor Electricity. Some do
not even have Hospitals or Schools around them. 
Can you then imagine the Pains and the Labors, and
to what extents the Farmers from such-like
Areas can Contribute in Food Production?.

6. Lack Of Food Storage or Processing Facilities
Many Delicious and Juicy Fruits, Vegetables, and
Cash-Crops are largely Produced from Nigeria's
Local Farming Communities. But, Do you know
that a very great Percentage of these Delicious
Organic Farm Produce often get Damaged and, or
Wasted before they reach their Final Consumers?. 
In this kind of a Situation, One of the Major 
Problems that is facing the Helpless Local Farmers
there, is Lack of Adequate Food Storage or 
Processing Facilities.

7. Lack Of Modern Farm Machines / Techniques

Another Major Problem of Nigeria's Food and 
Agriculture is lack of Modern Farm Machines or 
Techniques. As I stated earlier, the Farmers in 
Nigeria are still making use of Ancient Agricultural 
Tools / Techniques; whilst there are Low-cost 
Modern Farm Machines / Techniques out there for
Use as better Substitutes.

8. Lack Of Scientific & Technological Know-how

In Nigeria, Scientific and Technological Know-how is
relatively very low. Many Schools there in Nigeria 
do not even have Science Laboratories. Hence, a
great Majority of Students there rather Theorize
Sciences than Practicalize them. 
In fact, this Problem of Nigeria's Under-
Development in Science and Technology often 
leave the Country to Depend largely on
Importation. And this equally, is part of the Major 
Problems and Challenges of the Country's Food and 
Agricultural Developments.

9. Disorganization & Unaccountability

Organization and Accountability is one of the Basics
of Better and Successful Management. But, till this
Age of Modernization and Civilization, Nigeria is still
Internally Disorganized. She lacks, even a Valid and
a Well-Organized Documentations of Her Citizens 
or Properties or Marriages or Births or Deaths.

In the same vein, a majority of Farms there in 
Nigeria lacks Organization or Records and 
Accountability. Some Farmers there are merely 
planting without any sort or kind of a Farm Records
or Organization; or Measurements or, at least; an
Account for an easier Identification of the possible
Reasons behind their Agricultural Gains or Loses.

10. Lack Of Leadership & Neo-Colonialism

One of the Most Serious of all the Major Problems
of Food and Agriculture in Nigeria is Lack of 
Leadership. Mismanagements; Corruptions and 
Embezzlements of Public Funds are very common
within Nigeria's Government Officials. And as you
know, Patriotism; Trust, Honesty; Organization
and Careful Management has often Led the
Success and Prosperity of Modern Man.

But there in Nigeria, all you can easily see or notice
is the Plain Fact the Nation has “ No Leaders ".
Another serious Problem there in Nigeria's Food
and Agriculture is the Fact that the Nation, has
never ever been Her Real Self.

Her Colonial Masters simply granted Her
Independence. But indirectly, Nigeria's 
Resources, Economy, Politics, Language, 
Culture and many more; are still suffering new
Methods of Mental Colonization or say, Neo-

In this same vein, even Her Major Problems of Food
and Agriculture have no Real Solutions until Nigeria
is Fully and Unreservedly, in Control of Her Own
Self and Destiny.

11. Industrialization & Privatization

Modern Conversions and Privatizations of Food
and Agriculture into a very Big and Expensive
Industry or Conglomerate, is also of the Major 
Contributors to Nigeria's Food and Agricultural 
In one hand, the Modern Global Waves of
Industrialization and Privatization of Food and 
Agriculture really Produces Surplus Food that is
more than enough to Feed, even the Entire World
On the other hand, Food and Agricultural 
Industrialization and Privatization, really Added 
Greatly to Global Hunger and Poverty. The
Reasons are because Agric Industrialization and
- Results in an Uneven Distribution of Food.
- Uses much of the Produced Food in Feeding Animals.
- Is Wasteful and Destructive as it is only after Quantity.
- Favors the Haves and Disfavors the Have-nots.
- Adds Hidden Taxes to Prices of Food.
- Is Very Expensive and Uneconomical. 
- And it Results in Total Loss of Rural Jobs; Etc…Etc.

12. Global Warming
Global Warming is also part of the Major Problems 
of Food and Agriculture in Nigeria. Forest 
Destruction and Over-grazing of Animals has
really turned a lot of Nigeria's Farmlands into 
Like in other Countries of the World, several Lakes;
Rivers; Streams and Rain Forests have actually

Many Nigerian Farming Communities that only
Depends on Rainfall, are now faced with Severe
Droughts, Erosion, Landslides; Deforestation and 
An Excessive Massive Loss of Crops and Animals. All
these are some of the Real Impacts of Global 
Warming on Nigeria's Agriculture and Food
Have a very Nice and Happy Day and Stay Blessed!

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