Amazing Potentials in Moringa Seeds and Health Benefits


The moringa seed is the part of the moringa plant which a number of persons first come in  contact with before the other parts of the tree which includes: moringa flowers, leaves, bark, root, fresh pods, and stems. 

It is also the part readily available for immediate Health Benefits without any form of processing whatsoever. And do you know that moringa seed is a gift from God? 

So you see?

 God gave us this moringa and He said it be used as meet. It is also good, God gave the verdict about it- Gen_1:12 

And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed
after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was
in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
                        (Emphasis mine).


Moringa seed kernel
How then can one put this miracle seed to use? Is that what you may want to know? Yes! I am sure you must have said that out loud… Interestingly, it is very simple to do that. Pick a moringa seed with your fingers, in your hand and use your right thumb nail, together wity your first finger. Then pinch it the way you do to a groundnut or peanut. This will break the shell, exposing the beautiful – whitish/cream moringa seed kernel inside.

Now what do you do with this white kernel? Throw it in your mouth and chew! But wait a minute… you may want to know how it tastes before trying it huh? They are quite tasty! God sweetened them naturally. So do not get surprised when you taste something sweeter than you imagined. So go ahead, chew and swallow. The miracle begins with chewing in your mouth. It has been discovered that when you chew and allow it to stay in your mouth for sometime before swallowing, you get quicker results.


How many moringa seeds should I chew per time? Good question. It is recommended that you start your journey of enjoying the miracle seed with one seed per day.  After one week, increase the dosage to two seeds per day in the following week. Continue for three weeks. This way your body will become accustomed to the moringa seeds.
During the second month of chewing the seeds, you may increase the dosage to two seeds in the morning and two seeds at night (or in the evening) daily. This makes a total of four seeds in a day.

The following are the wonders of the miracle seed:
i.                 It detoxifies your body
ii.               It cleanses your system(especially if chewed with the back)
iii.             It STOPS pains-menstrual cramps, headaches, stomaches, toothaches, etc.
iv.             It lowers the blood sugar level among diabetics
v.               It improves eyesight, correcting some eye defects.
vi.             It aids in weight loss
vii.           It supplies omega 3, 6 and 9 oils to your body
viii.         It enhances fertility in men and women
ix.             It boosts the quantity and quality of spermatozoa among men, thereby boosting sexual libido.
x.               It is antibacterial and antifungal.
xi.             It dispels worms
xii.           It fights cancers
xiii.         It fights infections
xiv.          It has anti inflamatories
xv.            It has antioxidants
xvi.          It is used as a laxative
xvii.        It is effective in treating epilepsy.
xviii.      It is used for water treatment(check my post on how it is done) in place of aluminium sulphate.
The above are only some of the many miraculous properties of the moringa seed.

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