Animal Liver, Heart, Other Inner Meat Parts & Dangers Associated


The beginning of hyper-cholesterol — Nigerian men are the culprit in this act. Recently, I visited a restaurant to buy food on my way to the ancient city of Abeokuta. As I ordered for rice and plantain with two pieces of 50 Naira meats, I was in complete shock when I saw a man in a paramilitary uniform carrying a bowl of meat containing majorly the inner parts (popular called inu eran by the Yorubas) with only two wraps of N50 Amala. In his full paramilitary regalia, his belly can be akin to that of a pregnant woman in her third trimester
As I intentionally eat my meal slowly, the man did not waste time to funnel the entire meat combination gluttonously into his oversized body. Would you describe the action as a sign of wealth and good health? The answer is completely yours.

While I critically ponder about the action of this man, I noticed many other men order for similar combination of meal but not the same quantity as the man in the uniform. Then I felt sharing this piece with you might be helpful.
Meats are a very good source of dietary protein. In fact, we all need to include a serving of protein in our daily meals. Also, meats are rich in fats which are key in performing certain functions in our body. Having said that, meat are high in saturated fats and excessive consumption of meat (especially the red meat) have been found to increase belly fat. The concentration of this saturated fat is found mainly in the internal organs of any animal, whether pigs, dogs, chickens, goat, cow and others. Have you ever wondered why the inner part of any animal is quite oily or fatty when you cook and the skin part does not produce much oil?

No doubts, parts like liver are nutritious providing essential nutrients when consumed. It is particularly rich in iron which can be helpful to women before during and after menstrual periods. Having said that, consuming these internal organs without caution is dangerous and can be lethal. Moderation is very important.
It is even much better if you consume these parts excessively and you notice a bloating reaction or weight gain from your body.  This way you can quickly check your excesses. Other groups of people that concern me are those who indulge in this habit and yet no commiserate weight gain or protruded belly is seen. Such individuals face more serious health complication in years to come. They all accumulate the fats as subcutaneous, meaning hidden fats.
Thin people are usually affected more than visibly fat people.
Cholesterolamia is a serious condition which causes blockage of arteries and could later degenerate to the shutting down of the heart in severe cases. If you or anyone around you recklessly indulge in these parts of meat or any other high fatty foods, it is best you put a check now to avoid future health complications. 
goat meat peppersoup
Nobody is saying you should not eat these animal parts, in fact they are nutritious. But just like any other thing in life, too much of it is bad but side effects of some are more severe than others. So, it’s important we let you know.
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