Attention!!! My Dog is Dying - an Emergency report


I just saw someone crying out for help on nairaland and to be rescue because his dog is dying and its so touching the way he explain the situation,

Please someone should help me. My dog is dying. His stools is very black and he is vomiting something i think its blood. He isn't eating nor drinking. I've taking him to the veteran doctors severally who keep saying nothing is wrong, they say we should keep giving him antibiotics which we have been doing but yet he isn't getting better... Am tired. 

By the way he's an altasian dog! (or what is the spelling again)
pls dog lovers help!!

CC: Lalasticlala, Ishilove, Help save my dog!


first of all , you mean alsatian dog

One of the most important thing towards your dogs survival is absolute care. 

And you need to change your vet ASAP. We would appreciate if you can upload pics of the dog, when was the last time it was vacinnated,

what do you have to say to him?

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