How Eating Crab Helps Heart, Improves Memory & More

Someone at my office reminded me of the good old days when I had to buy two to three crabs daily with my transport fare during my primary school days. I loved to eat them with Garri soaked in chilled water. No other combination of foods interests me when the season of crabs is around. 

Years after I finished primary school, I suddenly realized that the public sales of this highly proteinous aquatic creature had reduced. I could hardly see road side sellers and hawkers even when it was in season. Until recently when I had a bite, I found it difficult to believe people still eat crabs especially in Lagos. Thanks to Omolara Sholaja, for sending a plate of crabs to my desk for lunch.

Do Crab Have Health Benefits? Why Should I Eat Them?

Crab meat is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. It contains a low amount of calories with lots of protein, a multitude of minerals and several B vitamins. Crabs are not to be eaten in excess especially for those who are hypertensive. Some species have been found to contain more sodium. It is also important to note that some species have more cholesterol than others thereby sending a signal to those at the risk of developing heart diseases not to indulge in them.
Crabs have been found to contain many benefits compared to other sea foods as it is loaded with B vitamins, and other water soluble vitamins. In fact, the mercury poisoning associated with many sea foods is not found in crab making it a super healthy alternative to those who love sea foods. Due to its low calorie, consuming some quantity of crabs can help reduce your blood sugar levels.

Although, there is a widespread notion, that these decapods (10 legged creature) are not good for consumption. Nutritionists and other food enthusiast however insisted that crab meat is nutritionally good as it contains plenty vitamins and high quality proteins and amino acids. It is also rich in minerals such as calcium, copper, zinc, phosphorus and iron, while having lower levels of fat and carbohydrates.
It will also interest you to know that crabs contain selenium; an effective anti oxidant that helps in combating cancer causing agents. It also has the ability to improve your immune by fighting free radicals.
Regular meats such as poultry, beef and pork which are available in our market contain a high level of saturated fat which is not heart-healthy as it could clog your arteries but crab meat remains a healthy option with low fat. It contains the good omega 3 fatty acid which helps in managing the levels of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in our body. Some researchers have even described this fatty acid as key in improving brain function in certain individuals. Remember moderation is key.

Some Words of Caution About Crabs

If you are new to consuming crabs, try to get fresh one, preferably life ones and prepare them yourself. You should avoid contaminated crabs that could be poisonous for you. Ensure you properly wash and clean them.
Be certain you are not allergic to crabs as some individuals have shown allergy in form of skin irritation. Once you notice any allergic reaction. Please quit consuming it. Aside this, Crabs are good to include in your meals.

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